Unreal Engine

Full ‘The Simpsons: Hit and Run’ fan remake will never be released

The developer asks fans to not "pester" his Discord mods

The Machinery game engine cancelled as developers told to delete all source code

Developers have been told to delete all traces of any source code or binaries they currently have

‘Silent Hill’ Unreal Engine 5 fan-remake releases ten minutes of footage

The remake will recreate the 1999 original from the ground up

Unreal Engine 5 spooky train station tech demo is so real it’s scary

The VR control makes the footage look like it should belong in a horror game

‘Kingdom Hearts 4’ will launch in Unreal Engine 5

The reveal trailer was running in Unreal Engine 4

‘Grand Theft Auto’ trilogy remasters spotted on Rockstar Launcher update

Data suggests 'GTA 3', 'Vice City', and 'San Andreas' have all been remastered in Unreal Engine

‘The Simpsons: Hit & Run’ has been remade in just one week

I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T. I mean S-M-A-R-T

Unreal 5 demo coming from ‘Gears Of War’ studio The Coalition

'Alpha Point' demo to be revealed at GDC this month