‘Battlefield 2042’ developer shares beta insights and reveals new operators

The developer of ‘Battlefield 2042’ has shared some information that the team learned after the most recent beta, and how the game will be shaped and changed thanks to the feedback. We also now know about the final five operators that will be included with the game, making for a total of ten at launch.

‘New World’ server moves are finally available, and for free

After weeks of delays, it seems if you ended up on a server without your friends, and thus can’t play in their company, the free server moves have now finally been enabled in Amazon’s MMORPG, ‘New World’.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition’ is coming soon

While there will be some that might quibble over the term “game” when discussing ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’, nobody can argue against the fact that it’s been a phenomenal success. With the Xbox Series S|X version released a few months ago, there’s a new “Game of the Year” edition coming next month, with a plethora of new content, and it’s going to be entirely free for all players.

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ is coming to Xbox Game Pass

As is the norm these days, Microsoft has given a heads up about the next bunch of games coming to cloud, console, and PC versions of Xbox Game Pass, and the biggest title this month on (on console, at least) is Arc System Works and Bandai Namco’s stylish team fighters, ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’.

‘Riders Republic’ is going to be free for an entire week

Given the state of “live service games” when they launch these days, combined with how hard it is to stand out in a genre that’s getting ever more crowded by the month, Ubisoft has made the smart decision to make it’s upcoming extreme sports title, ‘Riders Republic’, free for an entire week.

Valve announces “Deck Verified” for upcoming Steam Deck

While many were excited when Valve announced it’s Switch-like hybrid handheld console-pc, the Steam Deck, it slowly became apparent that while the device certainly seemed powerful enough to play most games available via Steam, due to running a custom operating system, it may not run every single title as intended. To counter concerns, Valve has announced “Deck Verified”, and is planning on reviewing the entire Steam catalog.

‘Elden Ring’ has been delayed, but you can play it next month

It may not come as a huge surprise, but FromSoftware, the developer behind titles such as ‘Dark Souls’, ‘Bloodborne’, and ‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’ has announced a delay to one of the most hyped games around right now. ‘Elden Ring’ won’t be coming out in January 2022 now, as the team needs a bit longer to polish the game up.

Amazon is aware of the ‘New World’ invincibility exploit

With over half a million people playing at the last 24-hour peak, ‘New World’ from Amazon Studios is doing very well indeed. Launching after multiple delays, while the game has issues that will likely be addressed as it grows, it bucks the trend of MMORPG titles by offering a one-and-done up-front payment instead of a subscription. While Amazon is continually updating it, there’s one exploit that is making players invincible already.