NME Radar Sessions: Singer-songwriter Khally on the peaceful bliss of her Singaporean home of Pasir Ris

How the laidback area in the east of Singapore nurtured this young artist on a quest for a creative identity

Xbox boss thinks PlayStation should create a Game Pass competitor

Xbox owners are having a great time this month as Game Pass has kicked off with titles like ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’, ‘Spelunky 2’, new horde alien shooter ‘The Anacrusis’, a release date entry to the service for ‘Nobody Saves the World’, and even ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ is joining Game Pass on January 20th when it comes out. Speaking to IGN, Xbox boss Phill Spencer addressed the rumours that PlayStation might even be following suit with their own similar setup.

‘Stardew Valley’ developer has more than one new game in development

‘Stardew Valley’ was an incredible success for developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. With over 15 million copies sold across PC and console, the wait to find out what he was up to next was finally ended when ‘Haunted Chocolatier’ was announced in October 2021. But it turns out Barone has been a very busy man, and that’s not the only title he’s working on.

‘PUBG’ creator’s next game will feature “planet sized” worlds

Barely a week after ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’ went free to play, the original creator of the phenomenon that many will feel was the originator the Battle Royale genre that has taken the gaming industry by storm, Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has revealed a little more about what his new open-world game will be, referring to what he says are goals of creating “planet sized worlds”.

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‘Bayonetta 3’ developer has appointed a new CEO of the company

Fans of the beloved ‘Bayonetta’ series might be starting to worry about the third game in the series. After Nintendo essentially saved the series by bankrolling the second game, the same happened with the third, and there have been rumours about what’s going on with the title for a while now. Rumours which are unlikely to stop given that the developer has just appointed a new CEO.

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ on PC is missing some of the extras

Capcom’s incredibly high selling franchise has been regularly making its way onto PC after hitting consoles first, recently. The latest entry is ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ which has shipped more than 7.5 million units on Nintendo Switch, where it was previously exclusive. But the PC version is out now, much to the delight of fans who don’t play on Switch, yet it’s apparently missing some of the extra cosmetic DLCs people might have been expecting to be there at launch.