Five things we learned from our In Conversation video chat with Angèle

The Belgian singer-songwriter on performing with Eels, music industry misogyny and her recent move into acting

‘Fortnite’ is adding YouTuber Ali A skins and events to the game

‘Fortnite’ is no stranger to mash ups and collaborations, featuring everything from ‘Halo’ and the Master Chief to the latest Marvel movies, as well as bringing celebrities and influencers into the game such as Marshmello, Ninja, The Grefg, and Major Lazer. The latest to be added to this collection is YouTuber Ali A.

‘Fall Guys’ is going free-to-play and coming to more platforms

Launching in August 2020 as a PlayStation Plus title, ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ quickly became one of the biggest games of the moment, with fans and critics alike raving about the fun free-for-all chaotic multiplayer party game. It always seemed like the game would branch out to other platforms, and although we knew it was coming to Nintendo Switch and the Xbox family of consoles, we now have a date, and it’s June 21st.

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Cat Burns at The Great Escape 2022: “My brain can’t compute the success of ‘Go’ – it’s mind-boggling”

The south London vocalist joins us at Brighton's The Great Escape to discuss hit single 'Go' and her upcoming Years & Years support slot

‘Sonic’ YouTube content is being flagged as “made for kids”, destroying creator livelihoods

As a brand that’s been going for over thirty years, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ has fans of all ages. People who grew up playing the original games are now adults with kids of their own, and some are making content for YouTube which is of such a high quality, and respected among the fanbase that it’s become a form of income. YouTube, however, is deciding some of this content is “made for kids”, and making this incredibly hard to continue.

‘Final Fantasy 16’ developer worked on a cancelled game that was similar to ‘Bloodborne’

The producer of ‘Final Fantasy 16’ has revealed some information about a cancelled game that he and members of the team were working on before being called up to work on ‘Final Fantasy 14’, and it sounds like it was going to be quite different from what he’s worked on previously.

EA announces a new role-playing The Lord of the Rings game

Since 2010 the licence to make games based on ‘The Lord of the Rings’ has been with Warner Bros, and the publisher has had some success with the ‘Middle-earth’ series of games. Before this, however, the licence was with Electronic Arts, and EA made plenty of titles within the franchise, with the final title, ‘The Lord of the Rings: Conquest’ in 2009. But it seems that EA is getting involved again, as a mobile title has been announced by the publisher.

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New daily puzzler ‘Knotwords’ gets seal of approval from ‘Wordle’ creator

When ‘Wordle’ first came into existence back in October 2021, it’s unlikely anyone realised how much the daily quiz style game was going to take off. Eventually acquired by New York Times, the web-based word guessing game ‘Wordle’ went for an undisclosed but thought to be seven-figure sum, and inspired all manner of similar takes such as music based ‘Heardle’, a film game, and even a geography based variant called ‘Globle’.