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‘Bloodborne’ director knows how much people want a remake

The FromSoftware boss acknowledged fan demand for the title in a new interview

‘Dead By Daylight’ is getting a “killer” Iron Maiden crossover

The new outfits are available for purchase today

‘Hi-Fi Rush’ is coming to PS5 next month

The game originally launched on Xbox last year

New ‘Call Of Duty’ games will launch on Xbox Game Pass

None of the 'Call Of Duty' titles are currently available on the service

‘Elden Ring’ director won’t rule out a sequel: “there could well be something in the future”

The first trailer for the upcoming expansion was released yesterday

‘Sons Of The Forest’ is leaving early access next week

The game has been in early access for a year

‘No Man’s Sky’ celebrates update with free weekend

Several new features have been added in the update

‘Call Of Duty Warzone’ cheaters are flying to space in hacked helicopters

A rash of cheaters has cropped up in the game lately