Tribes – ‘Hold On’ (Alabama Shakes Cover)

Tribes came into the NME office for a Basement Session, and played us a very special acoustic cover of 'Hold On' by Alabama Shakes.

Tribes, ‘How The Other Half Live’ – Basement Sessions

The full performance of Tribes playing 'How The Other Half Live' live and acoustic for the NME Basement Sessions.

Tribes, ‘How The Other Half Live’ – Song Stories

Tribes popped into the NME office to play a very special Basement Session for us, and here they talk us through how they wrote...

Wiley, ‘Heatwave’ – Song Stories

Wiley tells the story behind his Number 1 hit 'Heatwave', how his Granddad inspired him and getting the right vibe for the video.

Electric Guest, ‘The Bait’ – Song Stories

Electric Guest talk us through their new single 'The Bait', getting Haim to sing "hippy" backing vocals and learning their dance moves in a...

Song Stories – Suede, ‘Barriers’

Brett Anderson and Mat Osman of Suede discuss the work that went into making 'Barriers' sound "carefree".

Song Stories – Foals, ‘Late Night’ (NSFW)

Foals talk us through the making of their new Nabil-directed video for 'Late Night', featuring real sex, death and buckets of blood.

Song Story – Bloc Party, ‘Truth’

Kele Okereke from Bloc Party talks us through the writing and recording of new single 'Truth', including its romantic inspiration and the band's emotional...

Song Stories – Suede, ‘Animal Nitrate’

Brett Anderson and Mat Osman of Suede talk us through the writing, recording and video-shoot for their classic 1993 indie anthem 'Animal Nitrate'.

Song Stories – The Cribs, ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’

Ross, Ryan and Gary Jarman sit down to talk us through the whistle-stop writing and recording of their new single 'Leather Jacket Love Song'...