‘Halo Infinite’ has a map with a loot cave full of power weapons

As we draw nearer to the December release for one of the biggest games to come from Xbox in a long time, the marketing is ramping up. ‘Halo Infinite’ is getting multiple test flight weekends where insiders will get to experience the multiplayer ahead of time, and developer 343 industries is also showing off some of the game via live streams, which has revealed an interesting area on a map.

‘Far Cry 6’ won’t have Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X or PS5

One of the biggest new things for modern consoles and higher end graphics cards for PCs is that Ray Tracing can be enabled, offering realistic lighting and reflections in games that are already pushing the envelope when it comes to the visuals. Far Cry 6, however, won’t have Ray Tracing

‘Minecraft Dungeons’ is finally available on Steam

It’s rare these days that Microsoft does anything that’s exclusive. While Sony is out there putting out games that are only available on PlayStation consoles, Microsoft and Xbox has been at the forefront of bringing games that in the past would have been Xbox-only titles to PC. ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ was only available on PC via Microsoft’s store, until now, as it’s been released on Steam, over a year after it first hit stores.

The executive producer of ‘Overwatch’ is leaving Blizzard

Amidst all manner of things happening at Activision Blizzard, it seems the executive producer of ‘Overwatch’ has told staff he is leaving the company this week, which has been confirmed by a spokesperson to

‘Deathloop’ on PC has been updated to address stuttering issues

Released to critical acclaim, the only major bone of contention for fans of ‘Deathloop’ has been that on PC it has a few issues. The developer, Arkane, did confirm it was looking into the reports of a stuttering frame-rate as a priority, and it seems an update has already been deployed to try and address the problem.

The Ultimate Team season rewards for ‘FIFA 22’ have been unveiled

For fans of football games there’s little more exciting than the period before a new title is released. Whether you play Career Mode, Pro Clubs, FUT, or anything else, there’s always plenty to get stuck into, and now we know the first lot of season rewards for ‘FIFA 22’ and it’s Ultimate Team mode.

Former UKIE boss thinks loot boxes need to be self regulated

Often when people move on from a job, they have thoughts on how things in their previous job or industry work, or perhaps didn’t work very well, and Stuary Dinsey of UKIE has moved to publisher Curve Digital, and has some thoughts on the state of the industry overall.

It looks like ‘Alan Wake Remastered’ is coming to Nintendo Switch

It may have seemed like a big enough deal that ‘Alan Wake’ was finally coming to PlayStation consoles with the remastered version of the game on October 5th, but now it seems that due to a ratings board listing, it’s been revealed that the cult classic is also coming to Nintendo Switch as well.

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