‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ getting new anti-cheat measures

It’s a different kind of war that’s been happening in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ in recent times, with the developer and publisher trying to stamp out the cheating that’s rife in the more recent ‘Call of Duty’ titles. And it seems Activision has come up with something, because the publisher sent out a message to all cheaters with a fairly ominous message.

‘Alan Wake Remastered’ has been classified for Switch again

Barely a month after a classification in Brazil, it seems the USA has now rated a Nintendo Switch version of ‘Alan Wake Remastered’, and this means that if it was a mistake before, it’s pretty much definitely happening now, despite not being confirmed by the developer itself.

‘Far Cry 6’ may be teasing a battle royale or survival game

Even though ‘Far Cry 6’ has only just been released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, it seems Ubisoft is at it again, teasing a project within a project, thanks to some hidden QR codes that you can find on crates in the game world.

‘Diablo 2: Resurrected’ still having server problems weeks after release

Despite launching last month, it seems that people are still having issues connecting to servers with ‘Diablo 2: Resurrected’. It seems there have been multiple outages, and while Blizzard do seem to be fairly quick to respond and fix the problems, there’s no real explanation as to why it keeps happening.

‘Fortnite’ acknowledges ‘Among Us’ in the latest update

‘Fortnite’ from Epic Games continues to be one of the biggest titles the industry has ever seen. Just when you think you’ve played enough, something will change and drag you back in, and one such addition to ‘Fortnite’ was called Imposters, and let’s be polite and say that it drew some… comparisons to another very popular game out there.

‘Monster Hunter Rise’ on PC won’t have cross-save or cross-play with Switch

These days it’s becoming more common for games to have some form of cross compatibility between consoles, and sometimes even generations of consoles. Take just released ‘Back 4 Blood’, for example, which has account based progression and is entirely cross-play, no matter what system you’re playing on. Sadly, the PC version of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ isn’t going to be following suit with these options.

‘Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ won’t be an open-world game

Over the past week fans have been speculating about the all-new ‘Pokemon’ adventure coming early next year, and whether it’s an open world game or not. Trailers have shown it to look almost like ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ in terms of how open an experience it might be, but that hope can be put to bed now, as The Pokemon Company has given a statement confirming it’s not the case.

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