‘The Medium’ is no longer an Xbox exclusive, coming to PS5 this September

It was reported as a rumour way back when ‘The Medium’ came to PC and Xbox Series X and S in January, but as one of the few console exclusives the latest generation of Xbox has right now, it may not go down too well with fans that The Medium is coming to PlayStation 5 on 3.

‘Demon’s Souls’ PS4 version discovered in PlayStation database

A Twitter account dedicated to keeping an eye on everything new that hits the PlayStation network in terms of updates, game additions, and file sizes, has discovered a PS4 version of the PS5 exclusive ‘Demon’s Souls’, which is very interesting indeed.

Bethesda says it understands PlayStation fans anger about exclusivity

It was always going to be a talking point, but when Xbox bought Bethesda for $7.5 billion it was almost a given that eventually the games would move to being exclusively on Xbox. There were schools of thought that Bethesda, and indeed Xbox, could make even more money by allowing the titles to be played on PlayStation consoles, but with ‘Starfield’, for example, we now know that Bethesda are moving towards Xbox exclusivity, and it seems the company are well aware of how PlayStation gamers are feeling.

Nintendo’s 2021 lineup just got much bigger with new game announcements

Nintendo has been pretty quiet this year, aside from relying on titles like ‘Bravely Default II’ and ‘Monster Hunter Rise’, the only games that have come from the developer itself were ‘New Pokémon Snap’ and ‘Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury’. We knew that ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ and the ‘Pokémon Diamond & Pearl’ remakes were coming, but after this year’s E3 Nintendo Direct… well, the year suddenly got a lot busier. In fact, it’s pretty much a new game every month from here on out.

‘Back 4 Blood’ party leaders can share paid DLC with friends for free

Once upon a time it was rare for the huge publishers in the gaming world to be so consumer friendly, but the advent of things like cross-play and cross-progression that let you play with your friends anywhere, anyhow, has paved the way for things like this: ‘Back 4 Blood’ will have DLC; that’s true, but it won’t need you and all of your friends to pay for it.

Microsoft will soon allow Xbox Series X|S games to be played on Xbox One

Among the many announcements Microsoft made during their recent E3 showcase, one that was buried in a blog post and barely even touched upon during the main show was that they will be bringing future Xbox Series X and S console exclusives to the previous generation of consoles, using the power of their Xbox Cloud Gaming service. And we don’t blame them for skipping over this news quickly, it was a packed show full of games that, admittedly, were mostly coming in 2022. However, there are two titles coming this year that, while also coming to PC or already available there, will be console exclusives for the latest generation of Xbox, namely ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ and ‘Forza Horizon 5’.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ will be 30 FPS on Xbox Series X|S

It’s been a long time coming, but at this year’s E3 Xbox and Bethesda showcase, we finally got a date for ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ on console, and as you’d expect, it’s going to be part of Xbox Game Pass as well. The game will be coming on July 27, but it won’t be quite the same as its PC counterpart.

‘Resident Evil Village’ DLC is coming, RE: Verse out next month

As part of E3 this year, Capcom held their very own digital presentation to talk about their latest titles, upcoming updates, and to be frank with you, not a whole lot else. It might come as a refreshing change for some that the games talked about are out really soon, whereas other showcases are talking about 2022 titles, but Capcom didn’t mention anything further than July. One of the biggest elements to the show was that we got to see more of a game that’s never been released in the West, ‘The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles’, and its new features. Other than that, the focus was squarely on ‘Monster Hunter’ and ‘Resident Evil’.

‘Elden Ring’ will have a more manageable difficulty than previous Souls games

It’s one of the games everyone wanted to see at E3, and we finally got a brand new trailer, almost a re-reveal of the upcoming game from the creators of ‘Dark Souls’. It’s called ‘Elden Ring’ and while we’ve had nothing to go on for the longest time, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has broken cover and dropped an enormous amount of info on it all at once.

‘Battlefield 2042’ announced, features 128 player combat but no single player mode

It’s been the worst kept secret in the industry for quite some time, but the latest game in the long running ‘Battlefield’ won’t be called ‘Battlefield 6’, instead it’s ‘Battlefield 2042’, it’s future combat, and it’s coming this year. EA and Dice are referring to Battlefield 2042 as the next-generation of Battlefield, and with that, it will have 128 players on the biggest maps the company has ever made. Levolution will return, meaning you can still break buildings and break through things in your conquest to come out on top.