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‘Darksiders 3’ headlines August’s free Xbox Games with Gold titles

In the past few months, the monthly free Games with Gold list has been a little bit of a let-down, mostly because every time the team at Xbox announces the list of four games, just afterwards a new list of Game Pass titles comes along and blows it away. But August is looking pretty good, with some excellent titles and something for everyone.

Microsoft Flight Simulator among the 12 games coming to Game pass this month

The team at Xbox has announced another 12 titles are coming to Game Pass, across PC, console, and Cloud. It’s a mammoth list including some day one releases, and one that people on Xbox have been waiting on for quite some time.

Xbox controller may get PS5-style DualSense features in the future

When the Xbox Series X and S launched, nobody questioned how powerful the consoles both were. But there was one fundamental difference between the PlayStation 5 and the new generation of Xbox, and it was the controller. The DualSense controller offers features that no other gamepad really does, and it seems Xbox boss Phil Spencer is a big fan.

‘Dark Souls II’ player has managed to complete the game without talking

The speedrunner made an in-depth video on how to achieve this

Xbox Game Pass is great value, but still without its Day One hit

The streaming service should be less of a cushion, more of a launchpad for Triple-A failings

UFC 4 coming to Game Pass soon, along with 5 more games

The team at Xbox has announced another six games are coming to Game Pass soon, and it’s a varied collection containing some indies, management sims, a horror title, and the biggest hitter, which is ‘UFC 4’, coming via EA Play.

20 years later, ‘Silent Hill 2’ is still a disorienting masterpiece

I played 'Silent Hill 2' for the first time and I get it now

Should ‘Dead Space’ stay dead?

Rumour has it, EA is looking to remake its celebrated horror series Dead Space – but why is the industry so obsessed with remaking old classics?

Ubisoft removes fan-made ‘Goldeneye’ levels from ‘Far Cry 5’

Fan recreation is taken down by copyright spies