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‘Eternal Threads’ review: a time travel jump that just almost makes it

An enticing time travel puzzle with an unsatisfying ending

‘Overwatch 2’ next event announced for June 16

Blizzard has announced an upcoming event on June 16 following the wrap-up of the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta. READ MORE: 'Saints Row' preview: it...

‘Saints Row’ preview: it certainly is an open world game

We sat down for a hands-off preview with the upcoming reboot

‘Diablo 3’ almost had a ‘League Of Legends’-inspired PvP mode

Senior designer Wyatt Cheng revealed more about the game on its tenth anniversary

‘Fortnite’ is adding YouTuber Ali A skins and events to the game

‘Fortnite’ is no stranger to mash ups and collaborations, featuring everything from ‘Halo’ and the Master Chief to the latest Marvel movies, as well as bringing celebrities and influencers into the game such as Marshmello, Ninja, The Grefg, and Major Lazer. The latest to be added to this collection is YouTuber Ali A.

‘Fall Guys’ is going free-to-play and coming to more platforms

Launching in August 2020 as a PlayStation Plus title, ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ quickly became one of the biggest games of the moment, with fans and critics alike raving about the fun free-for-all chaotic multiplayer party game. It always seemed like the game would branch out to other platforms, and although we knew it was coming to Nintendo Switch and the Xbox family of consoles, we now have a date, and it’s June 21st.

‘We Were Here Forever’ review: complicated co-op for puzzle die-hards

Lose yourself in the superb puzzle design of Total Mayhem Games’ latest co-op outing

‘Hunt: Showdown’ adds new quest system and armed grunts

New weapons and AI changes have also been added