Get The Look – Steal Grimes’ Bubblegum Punk Style

In Partnership With Snap Fashion

Oh to look like Grimes. Oh to have just a smidgen of the Canadian producer, vocalist and all-electronic ace’s talent, style and give-a-toss attitude.

Sadly, we cannot all be Grimes. We cannot all be that outrageously cool. However, we can wear clothes that are the same fabulous shade of pink as the amazing frock she wore on the cover of NME when we named her ‘Art Angels’ record Album of the Year in 2015. That, my friends, we can do. And how’s that? Well, by using Snap Fashion, of course. Snap Fashion is the app that lets you steal the style of anyone you like, by simply snapping a picture on your phone and then running it through the app to get items in exactly the same shade. Scroll down for the finest, pinkest items the app has to offer and download it here.

Boohoo at Snap Fashion £20


This floor-sweeping maxi skirt is just the right amount of dramatic. Just like Grimes. Careful of letting it drag along in muddy puddles, however.

Mango at Snap Fashion £29.99


An artists smock in salmon pink – perfect for creating your masterpiece in. We imagine that Grimes was sporting something quite similar when she was adding the finishing flourishes to ‘Art Angels’. Probably.

Pretty Little Thing at Snap Fashion £20


We all need a little glamour in our lives sometimes. This Pretty Little Thing dress offers just that, straddling the boundary between classy and tarty with quite impressive aplomb.

Pretty Little Thing at Snap Fashion £25


Shirt dresses will never go out of style. People have been rocking shirt dresses since the 1940s and they’ll continue to wear them long after we have all got old and grey. Here’s to the mighty shirt dress, long may she reign.

The Vampire’s Wife at Matches at Snap Fashion £675


The Vampire’s Wife is the fashion line run by Nick Cave’s missus, high fashion model Susie Cave. This is one of her least gothic dresses, but it certainly has the grandeur you’d associate with one of Cave’s gang. Dreamy.

Download the Snap Fashion app by clicking here.