NME meets BTS – get to know the K-Pop sensations

Confused by the seemingly overnight success of pop's hottest new prospect? We met them in London to quiz them with some incredibly serious, very important questions. Like 'what's your superpower?'

Everywhere you look this week, BTS are in the limelight. The Korean boyband just wrapped up two instant sell-out shows at London’s The O2, with fans queueing up for hours beforehand, desperate to catch any glimpse of the seven-piece sensation.

Earlier in the week, NME met up with BTS in London to get to know the K-Pop heroes. Collecting some questions from their fervent fanbase, the Army (that video’s coming later today, folks), we also decided it was time to pick their brains on some of the most important matters concerning any boyband… such as ‘What’s your superpower?’

Check out the interview above, and read NME‘s review of the boyband’s huge New York show this past weekend right here.

“The gig itself is a classic stadium spectacular,” wrote NME‘s Rhian Daly. “The band arrive for opener ‘IDOL’, a choppy pace-setter full of whistles and clarion call melodies, rising up through a trapdoor in the stage. After, they each take a minute to introduce themselves, blowing kisses to the camera and removing their in-ear monitors to hear their ARMY’s response all the better. Then the show really gets going – a rush of slick choreography, sparkly costume changes, pyrotechnics, and fireworks. There are pre-recorded videos of them playing around with water pistols and dogs or transplanted into artful scenery between songs. Through it all, the audience reaction remains consistent – an incredibly loud display of pure, unbridled joy and excitement that is heart-warmingly infectious.”