Friends Like These: Dominic Fike and Remi Wolf

The collaborators and musical pals interview each other

“I think we both have styles that are just all over the place, so this seemed like the right record for both of us to be on,” laughs rapper and singer Dominic Fike as he describes the inspiration behind ‘Photo ID’, his recent team-up with vocalist Remi Wolf.

The original version of the track appeared on Wolf’s second EP and major label debut, ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs!’, which landed in June 2020, and the joyful, colourful remix is a dazzling fusion of the duo’s creative kicks. Distorted guitars, pitched-up vocals, off-kilter beats and a restless melody that refuses to stay still; everything here is eye-poppingly bright.

The collaborators bounced off each other’s energy while remixing the track. Wolf explains of the recording process: “We added the guitars to the remix, and I guess that was a big change. That was inspired by us in the room. It wasn’t ever like, ‘Oh my god, I want to sound like that’… It was just like, ‘Oh, this would be tight!’”.


It may come as a surprise, then, that despite the way that ‘Photo ID’ shows how in tune Fike and Wolf are with each other’s musical styles, the pair hadn’t met prior to the remix. “My manager told me that Remi wanted to hang out and chat about making a song together, and I didn’t know what to think as I didn’t even look at her Instagram or anything beforehand,” says Fike. “But it was really cool. Something about her was just easy to get along with, and she wasn’t too crazy or intimidating. She’s really sweet.”

Wolf agrees: “I had the same opinion of you after talking with you. I was like, ‘Wow, you’re really easy to talk to and so nice’,” she says to Fike. “We connected on a lot of different life journeys, which was very nice and comforting for me at the time.”

For the latest edition of NME‘s Friends Like These series (which you can watch in full above), the pals had a chat about their forthcoming projects, their favourite karaoke songs and a mutual adoration of Drake.

-Remi Wolf’s ‘Photo ID’ with Dominic Fike is out now