‘Nioh’ and ‘Streets of Rage 4’ coming to PlayStation Now

In an effort not to be outdone by Microsoft and Game Pass, Sony are ramping up its own PlayStation Now service with more games each month. In fairness, Sony were always adding games to the service, but perhaps in reaction to the praise Xbox Game Pass gets, they’re making more noise, and adding bigger games.

‘Alien Isolation’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ join the 97 FPS boosted Xbox games list

After another rollout of the FPS boost mode, there are now 97 Xbox One games that have received an upgrade thanks to the Xbox Series X and S feature. A lot of the games are actually part of the Game Pass library already, and the boost for these titles is either double to 60 fps from 30, or as high as 120fps thanks to the power of the new console.

‘FIFA 21’ and ‘Red Dead Online’ coming to Game Pass

It’s the start of the month, folks, which means it’s time for your update as to which games are coming to Game Pass, and it looks like another killer month for the team at Xbox, with some huge titles coming to the service.

‘Battlefield V’ headlines May’s free PlayStation Plus game lineup

You can easily make the argument that Sony has had to up its game with the free games, thanks to how good the Xbox Game Pass service is, and while it isn’t a one to one comparison or competitor, May’s free PlayStation Plus games are pretty good, starting with a classic from EA.

Sony reports record year for revenue and profit, PS5 on target to beat PS4

Sony has released its latest financial reports which include massive profits of around 3 billion US dollars for the financial year, which ended in March, but also revealed a tidbit of news about the PS5 supplies that may not please fans still trying to get one.

‘The Last of Us Part 3’ plot outline has been written, but isn’t currently being made

Speaking on the Script Apart Podcast about the writing process of ‘The Last of Us Part II’, the creative director of Naughty Dog’s incredible franchise, Neil Druckmann said that an outline for the story of a follow up has been written, which is sure to excite fans everywhere.

‘Super Mario Party’ finallys get online multiplayer via a free update

It’s been a long, long time coming, but Nintendo has listened to fans and updated the Nintendo Switch game ‘Super Mario Party’ to enable people to play with friends across the world, though there are limits to the connectivity options offered here.