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Song Stories – Peter Hook On New Order

Peter Hook tells the behind-the-scenes story of New Order and some of the band's greatest songs, including 'Regret', 'Blue Monday' and 'Crystal'.

Song Stories – Peter Hook On Joy Division

Peter Hook tells the stories behind some of Joy Division's greatest songs, including 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', 'Transmission' and 'Atmosphere'.

Song Stories – Bat For Lashes, ‘All Your Gold’

Natasha Khan reveals why 'All Your Gold' was a difficult child, and the women's predicament that the song describes.

Tori Amos – The Story Behind ‘Cornflake Girl – Classic Song

The North Carolina singer-songwriter opens up about how 'Cornflake Girl' was inspired by reggae and female genitalia. Tori's new album 'Gold Dust' is out...

Classic Song – The Story Behind Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Queen’

John Lydon talks to NME about the recording and impact of Sex Pistols classic 'God Save The Queen'. "It's done wonders for this country,"...

Song Stories – Two Door Cinema Club, ‘What You Know’

'What You Know' is a standout track from Two Door Cinema Club's debut album 'Tourist History', released in 2010. The NME Awards Tour headliners...

Joy Division, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ – Classic Song

In the first of a new series dedicated to the greatest songs in history, we revisit Joy Division's bleak masterpiece 'Love Will Tear Us...