Song Stories: Frank Carter – How I wrote ‘Snake Eyes’

In this candid interview, Frank Carter of Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes reveals how his personal battles inspired the song 'Snake Eyes' and its accompanying, must-watch video.

Frank Carter, formerly of hardcore band Gallows and more traditional rock group Pure Love, formed Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes last year. Gallows infamously inked a £1m with Warner Music back in 2010, and were dropped just 18 months later. Since then he’s done pretty much whatever the fuck he wanted.

In the case of The Rattlesnakes’ video ‘Snake Eyes’, that made swindling the audience by mimicking the style of a lame metal promo, with a woman writhing about a strippers’ pole, only for it to be revealed that the dancer in question was Frank himself.

Here, Frank candidly tells the story of the songs and its accompanying must-watch clip. “I spent a good month with some good friend of mine, some really good dancers, really getting me in shape to basically complete undo everything I knew about myself – about being a man, walking like a man – to try and find this feminine side of me, which we all have. We’re [all] very complicated people … We have as much femininity in us as masculinity.”

‘Snake Eyes’ is, ultimately, a song about hope. “There’s the hope of the fact that you’re trying, actually, to find the most authentic video of you,” Franks tell us. “You know, you’re pushing those boundaries constantly. When we finished that song, I felt really, really good about it. It was a really positive step and it felt like it would give people that were in the same position as me a fair amount of strength.”

Damn straight, Frank. In this revealing interview, the musician talks about his difficult relationship with alcohol and how itinspired ‘Modern Ruin’, the album from which ‘Snake Eyes’ is taken. Once you’ve watched the clip, check out the music video he’s chatting about – you’ll see it in a brand new light.