Song Stories: Joey Purp On How He Wrote ‘Girls @’ ft. Chance The Rapper

The drums on Joey Purp’s track ‘Girls @’ was inspired by 2000-era The Neptunes . Then the hook came out: “My girlfriend was in the room, her energy was circulating, and it just kinda came out, so I just said the hook.” Then Purp’s mate Chance The Rapper came into the studio a couple of days later and asked to be on this – “Don’t put this out until I get on it,” he said – so Purp waited until Chance had time (he was working on his third album ‘Coloring Book‘ at the time). The brilliant video, in which Chance rides the front of a car on the roof of a Best Buy, was made by Joey Purp’s friends at Weird Life Films. Watch him discuss the track, the video and his relationship with Chance The Rapper in the video above.