PC smash hit indie game ‘Rust’ is being teased on consoles, beta starts soon

The console version of ‘Rust’ is being developed by Double Eleven, who has a good track record with ports, having worked on the likes of ‘Minecraft Dungeons’, the ‘Pixeljunk’ series of games, ‘Songbringer’, and even ‘Crackdown 3’ on Microsoft Windows

‘Dead Island 2’ might be coming back as a next-gen exclusive

It’s a game that has been in development hell for what seems like an eternity, but it seems as though ‘Dead Island 2’ might finally be back on track with its current developer advertising jobs that suggest it’s coming to next-gen and PC now

‘Valheim’ has sold over four million copies in three weeks

Launching into early access on Steam on the 2nd of February, ‘Valheim’ is a survival game that feels more polished than most at this stage. It has managed to get over half a million people playing at the same time during its highest period, making it the fifth ever game to manage that statistic

‘Anthem NEXT’ has been cancelled, team moved to Dragon Age

Early in February it was rumoured that EA and BioWare would be holding a meeting to decide the fate of the reboot of ‘Anthem’, called ‘Anthem NEXT’, which a small team had been working on to try and make the multiplayer of that game something better than it was. And, well, the rumours were true and the meeting has happened, and ‘Anthem’ has been cancelled

The big ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ February patch has been delayed

If you can cast your mind back a couple of weeks you may remember the news we brought you that the developer behind ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, CD Projekt RED’s servers had been breached by hackers, and in itself that’s an awful thing to happen, but it’s now had further consequences, as the big February patch that was promised, has now been delayed

PlayStation VR announced for PS5, but it’s not coming this year

People had been wondering about Sony lately. Of the three major players in the games industry, the people behind the PS5 had been strangely quiet, but no longer, as they’ve broken cover to announce the next generation of PlayStation VR