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'Black Mirror': Five Real-Life 2016 Events That Would Make Great Plots For The New Series

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror returns to screens for its third series on October 21, 2016. Now on Netflix, rather than Channel 4, the third series will have six episodes, and will presumably continue to focus on the dark, dystopian consequences of various technologies and societal issues. But what if the series focussed on stuff that actually happened in 2016? Here’s a few ideas for how Brooker could spin real-world events into the show…

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Five UK TV Moments Even More Shocking Than 'Naked Attraction' And Its 300 Penises

This week, we've all been talking about Naked Attraction, the controversial new Channel 4 dating show which somehow managed to show us 282 shots of penises in 48 minutes. That's a hefty helping of male member for anyone's retinas, but compared to these shocking moments from the murkiest corners of British broadcasting history, Naked Attraction could almost seem wholesome.

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