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Catfish and The Bottlemen: Their Most Electrifying Live Performances

For those who know, this will be old news - but [a]Catfish and The Bottlemen[/a] are quite simply one of the best live bands in the game. Following their steady rise to fame before 2013’s ‘The Balcony’, during the mammoth tour that followed and all the way up to their recent album ‘The Ride’ - they’ve been wowing crowds at shows and festival slots across the globe.

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David Bowie's 'Lazarus': How To Get Tickets To The Late Icon's Musical In London

Later this year, [a]David Bowie[/a]’s Lazarus musical will arrive in London, 10 months after his death. Aside from the heart-breaking farewell album ‘Blackstar’, the musical was one of the final ventures he worked on, with the premiere of the original run in New York months earlier being his final public appearance. The performances will run from October to November in London’s Kings Cross Theatre, but here is everything you need to know, including how you can buy tickets right now.

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When To Let The Pokémon Go: Ten Places You Shouldn't Play The World's Hottest Game

“I don’t want to see you catching any Pokémon up in this bitch,” Rihanna recently told an audience in France on her Anti World Tour and, once we’d gotten over the initial shock of believing that the developers at Niantic had gone way too far over the boundaries of personal intrusion with their placing of Mewtwos, we got her point. For years gigs have been being marred by forests of smartphones going up for the big hits, now they risk turning into stampedes as ultra-rare Articunos appear in the pit during ‘Work’. Or fights - one Beyonce fan on Instagram was furious at another audience member at the Stade de France playing Pokémon Go barely ten feet from where Bey was performing. Despite, um, being on Instagram themselves.

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