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Lorde Just Effortlessly Burned Her Uber Driver

Wonderful Lorde. Wonderful Lorde with her chic understatedness and casual quips and Bruce Springsteen quote as a her Twitter profile (“there's a darkness on the edge of town,” in case you’re wondering). Wonderful Lorde with her wisdom and poise and casual cutting down of an Uber driver who last night bleated on to her about the celebrity passenger they just picked up, very much unaware that Lorde herself is no mere 19-year-old, but a pop sensation with 4.32 million Twitter followers and a fanbase five times as devoted as Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters ever were.

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This Is What Blind Melon's 'Bee Girl' Looks Like Now

In 1992, Blind Melon released their most successful single ever, ‘No Rain’, pushing their self-titled debut album to Number Three on the US Billboard chart. That album’s artwork featured a photo of drummer Glenn Graham’s sister in a bee outfit, aged 10; for the video for ‘No Rain’, they sought a similar-looking girl to star, wearing a bee outfit, and the girl that was cast was Heather DeLoach. In the once ubiquitous clip, which you may remember very well indeed, she plays a glasses-wearing child who tap-dances in a bee outfit and later runs off to find her bee kin. She played the same character in the video for Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Bedrock Anthem’. You can see her in both those clips below.

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