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Film Critics Love David Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive' Now, But What Did They Think Back In 2001?

David Lynch's super-cryptic L.A. mystery Mulholland Drive has just been named the greatest film of the 21st century (so far) by BBC Culture - ahead of Boyhood, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Lost In Translation. The BBC polled a total of 177 film critics from 37 different countries, so it's fair to say Lynch's sprawling drama is now at the very least "revered", and quite possibly on its way to being considered a modern-day masterpiece.

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Eight Things From Frank Ocean And His Collaborators' Web Histories That Are Totally Relatable

Celebrities, they’re just like us. Even when they’re Grammy award winning recording artists that make grown adults act like 13-year-old fanboys. When Frank Ocean released a motherload of content after four years’ hiatus this weekend, many of us simply could not handle it all. But with all the commotion over Frank’s mum leaving a voicemail about marijuana and Kanye writing a poem about McDonald’s, you might have missed one standout feature from the magazine 'Boys Don't Cry' – a double page spread of screenshots from Frank and his collaborators’ web histories.

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Reading and Leeds 2016: Is It Going To Rain This Weekend?

Reading & Leeds Festivals – the annual knees-up for the most ardent rock, indie, grime and dance fans – will kick off on Thursday as fans descend on the two sites. We know there’s going to be some ace bands there (take a look at the full lineup here) but what’s the ever temperamental British weather going to be doing for you at both sites?

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Softer Still Embrace Dream Pop On Stunning New Single 'Bliss' (Premiere)

It’s perhaps easy to describe Softer Still merely as ‘dream pop’. Their debut single ‘New Age’ was awash with hazy guitars and distorted vocals - but it was never a sound that they had never set out to make. “We get described as 'dream pop' more than anything else and feel the label is apt, although falling into this category is more accidental and natural than intentional,” says guitarist and vocalist Grant Williams.

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Show This To Your Boss - Why You Should Be Playing Music In Your Office

Frank Ocean. New Order. Kanye West. Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King. Loyle Carner. Goat. Just some of the artists whose music we’ve been blaring out of the NME office stereo since the start of this week. And with good reason, according to a recent study by Cornell University in the US. Their research found that playing happy sounding music at work is linked to an improved mood and increased concentration. Which is surely reason enough to tell your boss that you refuse to work in stony silence any more, before you hook up iPhone to the AUX cord and act like the great living room DJ you become every Friday night when you get back home after the pub.

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