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Adele's 2016 Arena Shows: What To Expect From Her First Tour Since 2011

In a move comparable to the release of a new Smiths album or John Virgo bowing to intense global pressure to return to the arena of the televised trick shot, Adele has announced that she will be singing in public in a series of giant arenas next year. It's big news not just because Adele is the biggest artist on the planet, but also because she's repeatedly talked about her dislike for performing in front of large crowds. Here's what we might expect from her first tour since 2011.

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This Precocious 5-Year-Old Has Nailed The Drum Part To System Of A Down's 'Chop Suey' - watch

2015 has brought us 3-year-old DJs, teenagers' renditions of Kanye West's entire discography, and even a four-year-old cat who released an album, somehow – but gunning for the award of most precocious youngun this year is 5-year-old Brazilian drummer Eduarda Henklein, who has absolutely nailed the drum part of System Of A Down's 'Chop Suey!' Look at how passionately she sings along to the song as it blasts into her headphones – current drummer John Dolmayan should be worried for his job.

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M.I.A's New Single 'Borders' Is A Rallying Cry On Behalf Of Refugees Around The World

The new M.I.A single couldn’t have been more timely. A compelling cry for compassion for refugees around the world, it comes a fortnight after the heartbreaking attack that saw Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists kill 130 people in Paris, a tragedy that has, understandably, prompted France to call for the suspension of open borders within Europe. And so ISIS moves closer to its wish: the further fracturing of society, greater walls between us, even more division.

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White Announce 2016 UK Tour Dates

There are few bands as in love with the idea of being a rock’n’roll outfit as Glasgow’s White. I first met them at The Great Escape back in May, with singer Leo Condie dressed in massive (fake) fur coat, flares and blue sunglasses. It was humid yet rainy at the time, so none of the getup made much sense. But then again, rock music, and particularly rock music of the Roxy Music-inspired variety isn’t really supposed to, is it?

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