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Blossoms' Reading Set Proves They're Masters Of Good, Old Fashioned Fun

In the band’s NME cover feature, published earlier this month, Blossoms drummer Joe Donovan promised that their Reading & Leeds shows would be “massive”. By the time they wrap up their packed gig at the NME/Radio One Stage, they’ve only done half the job – Leeds is to come the following day – but the energy they beamed out would be enough for two stellar gigs.

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Die Antwoord Managed To Freak Out Absolutely Everybody At Leeds Festival

Towards the end of Die Antwoord’s set on the Main Stage, the camera lands on the image of a cherubic toddler raving it up on his father’s shoulders, drawing huge cheers from the crowd. To be fair, he does look like he’s having the time of his life, but after this 50-minute audio-visual onslaught – of crudely-drawn women disappearing into their own vaginas, of cartoon ghosts wielding outsized cock-and-balls that shoot lovehearts, and of the nightmare-inducing strangeness of Die Antwoord themselves – you have to wonder if his childhood ended this afternoon.

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Leeds 2016: Matt Healy Reckons The 1975 Are 'Future Headliners' – Is He Right?

As behoves a frontman who once informed the NME that “the world needs” The 1975's second album titled (deep breath) 'I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It', Matt Healy doesn't lack self-belief. Before the Manchester band climax with a irresistible version of 'The Sound', he informs an NME/Radio 1 tent packed with a crowd that sprawls into the night sky: “I promise you when we come back to Leeds, we're going to headline this festival.” He could be right, and here's why...

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