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Refused On The Humanitarian Horror Of The Calais Migrant Crisis – Watch

There's a song on 'Freedom', the new album from seminal punks Refused, that hits harder than any other. "Struggle with the current, dragged down into the dark," screams Dennis Lyxzén on '366', telling the stories of people – "someone's sister, someone's son" – who "sink like stones to the bottom" of stormy oceans. "The mediterranean has become a mass grave for migrants," he tells NME when we catch up with him and the band backstage at Leeds Festival. He's got a point. More than 2500 people – mainly Syrians – are confirmed to have died since January 1 trying to escape war. Last week alone, 71 bodies – including those of a baby girl and three other children – were found in an abandoned refrigeration truck in Austria. Police confirmed they had suffocated.

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Chris Eubank On Alan Partridge And The Possibility Of A Real-Life Youth Hosteling Series

During a 1997 episode of I'm Alan Partridge, Steve Coogan's anti-hero gets flustered and desperately pitches an idea for a TV show called Youth Hosteling With... Chris Eubank? The joke, of course, is that the former boxing world champion has no connection whatsoever with the youth hosteling movement. But nobody ever explained this to Eubank, who spent 18 years having to shrug his shoulders incredulously every time a Partridge fan asked him about it

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Premiere: Danish Punk Crew Yung Thrash And Rage On Blistering New Track 'God'

Back in March, Yung frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjær was screaming the chorus to 'God' just before midnight on a dreary Monday. The punk quartet, from Aarhus in Denmark, were due to play east London's Old Blue Last, but a power cut forced them to head down the road to The Shacklewell Arms. The crowd was drunk and the gig was a chaotic mess. But it was brilliant, and 'God' – a two-and-a-half-minute headache of guitars, drums and Mikkel's throat-ripping screams – was one of the best songs they played.

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Cancer Bats – A Show In The Life Of One Of Punk's Fiercest Live Bands

You don't forget Cancer Bats gigs in a hurry. Even when your bruises eventually fade from being gleefully bashed about in the venue-wide sea of swinging limbs and bouncing bodies their shows never fail to spark, the image of frontman Liam Cormier grinning manically as he charges recklessly around the stage stays seared into your brain cells. Well, what brain cells you might have left after an hour in the company of their lean, mean, sledgehammer heavy live show.

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Director Nicolas Winding Refn Tells All About Working With Tom Hardy And Ryan Gosling In Cult Movies 'Bronson' And 'Drive'

Nicolas Winding Refn is one of today's bravest, coolest and most visionary film-makers. His CV includes the indisputable modern classic Drive, the film that rocked Cannes two years ago Only God Forgives and 2008's Bronson, a brutal black comedy based on the life of Charles Bronson - arguably the UK's most dangerous prisoner - that features a still jaw-dropping performance from Tom Hardy. As the Danish director prepares to attend a special screening of Bronson tonight (September 2) in London, NME took the opportunity to look back at the brilliant film with him

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The Libertines – Hear An Exclusive Re-Recorded Clip From Classic Lost Song ‘Bucket Shop’

Yeah, so if you’re into The Libertines it’s undoubtedly A Good Thing that they’re back together again, especially since they don’t want to kill each other this time around. But what every die-hard fan really wants to know ahead of new album 'Anthems For Doomed Youth'’s September release, is whether they’ve come good - or butchered - some of the old classics which have been re-recorded to feature on the record’s deluxe version.

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