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Reading 2016: Five Times Hinds Proved Themselves The Most Fun Band At The Festival

Madrid garage-rock four-piece [a]Hinds[/a] have built something of a reputation for themselves as being one of new music's funnest groups. There's rarely a time when they haven't got smiles plastered on their faces, they make up dance routines during DJ sets and lark about like nobody's business in interviews. Earlier today (August 26), they brought that infectious spirit to the NME/Radio 1 Stage at Reading Festival, playing a set that more than justified that rep and totally endeared themselves to the audience even more.

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Reading & Leeds Boss Melvin Benn On Grime, Future Headliners And Gender Equality On Festival Bills

Festival Republic boss Melvin Benn, the man behind Reading & Leeds, has been at the forefront of the festival industry for over 30 years. Alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers, this year features dual headliners Foal and Disclosure and Fall Out Boy and Biffy Clyro, with each pair swapping top slots between the two sites. No sooner than the festivals kicked off this morning, we spoke to Benn about heritage acts, future headliners and a lack of gender equality in the industry.

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10 Pieces Of Wisdom From Kanye West To Cure Your GCSE Results Blues

Yesterday (Aug 25) marked the end of an era for many as Year 11s across the UK found out their GCSE results. Amid the fog of celebrations, commiserations and wondering what on earth you’re gonna do with your life, the wisdom of one man in particular provides a guiding light, inspiring acceptance, determination and self-belief. We present to you what we learned from some of Kanye West’s most motivational moments.

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16 Of The Most Rock'n'Roll Dogs In The Business

Life as a rockstar can be lonely. It can be hard to know who your real friends are, and explaining why you don’t want to hang out with friends after months of touring is a difficult conversation. But if there’s one species who will love you unconditionally, it’s the humble pooch. Some artists are so wedded to their dogs they’ll invite them to press events like Carrie Fisher, or threaten to send in the SAS to get them back after a messy divorce, like Liam Gallagher. Everyone knows dogs are little badasses. So in honour of National Dog Day, here are 16 of the most rock'n'roll dogs in the business.

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People Are Sharing Their Funny, Touching And Sometimes Disgusting #FabricMemories On Twitter

As you've no doubt heard, the future of Fabric is currently looking pretty shaky. The 2,500-capacity London club, which opened in 1999, has had its licence withdrawn for 28 days by Islington Council following two drug-related deaths on the premises within nine weeks of each other. The club has since [url=http://www.nme.com/news/various-artists/95920]promised to review its security[/url] and reiterated its zero-tolerance drug policy, and a host of big names including Rob Da Bank, Seth Troxler, Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers and London's mayor Sadiq Khan have backed the campaign to keep it open. A Change.org petition titled "Save London's nightlife. Stop the closure of fabric", which was started by the club's promoter Jacob Husley, has now amassed nearly 80,000 signatures.

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