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What Grimes' Triumphant Montreal Homecoming Show Told Us About Her Forthcoming Tour

There's a sense of things coming full circle when [a]Grimes[/a] headlined the 2015 instalment of Canadian festival M For Montreal at the weekend. Not only a homecoming to the place of the alt-pop musician’s creative birth (where she "learned to make music", as the 27-year-old told the sell-out crowd), the gig also stood as a return to the very event that sparked her subsequent and then-seemingly-unlikely rise to alt-pop stardom.

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With Noel Gallagher On Guitar, Coldplay's 'Up&Up' Hints At Their Old Rock Magic - Track Review

There was a moment during new single ’Adventure Of A Lifetime’ – the bit where the disco backing track mutes out for a few lines as if Chris Martin has just stepped out of the club for a breather, the old techno trick - when Coldplay finally seemed to shut the door on any tattered remnants of 'guitar band' status. If theirs has been a gradual inching towards the mainstream from day one, and 2011’s ‘Mylo Xyloto’ saw them fully embrace prevailing pop tropes on ‘Paradise’, the lead single from ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ was total immersion, practically ‘Uptown Funk’, right down to the auto-tuned gospel backing droids.

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