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The Libertines – Hear An Exclusive Clip From Classic Lost Song ‘Bucket Shop’

Yeah, so if you’re into The Libertines it’s undoubtedly A Good Thing that they’re back together again, especially since they don’t want to kill each other this time around. But what every die-hard fan really wants to know ahead of new album 'Anthems For Doomed Youth'’s September release, is whether they’ve come good - or butchered - some of the old classics which have been re-recorded to feature on the record’s deluxe version.

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Dream Genie – Cuddle Up With This Life-Sized David Bowie Pillow

David Bowie is many things: a genre-shifting pop maverick. An aesthetic pioneer, with some of the most iconic and gloriously eccentric looks in modern music. A man capable of playing a Goblin King in the tightest leather pants known to man and a massive mullet while still looking effortlessly cool. But until now, his capabilities as a soft and snuggly place to rest your weary head have been unproved (unless you're Iman).

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Royal Blood Return Heavier And Mightier Than Ever With 'Hook, Line And Sinker'

Perhaps they got Jimmy Page to cast some arcane spell of heavy thunder on their instruments when he popped into their dressing room in New York, or maybe the road has hardened their sound to solid granite, but Royal Blood are starting to sound as mighty as a meteorite. New track 'Hook, Line And Sinker', which got its UK premiere at Reading Festival last weekend, opens with a riff rampage worthy of Zep themselves and a story to match – seems Mike Kerr has come across one of those cruel, stone-hearted seductresses with “a devil on one shoulder” who only ever seem to inhabit sultry blues rock songs and The Only Way Is Marbs. Naturally, he’s become “caught in the middle” and “a slave to your addiction”, heading down a rocky road that only ends in one place – strapped to a table in a Russian gangster’s secret basement operating theatre waving bye-bye to your kidneys while your new ‘girlfriend’ pockets her £250 fee. And heaven knows we’ve all been there.

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MTV VMAs 2015: 5 Biggest Talking Points - From Bieber Crying To Kanye For President

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards, airing on Sunday night (August 30), had virtually everything you could want from an awards show. In fact by the end of it, it even started to feel a bit like a highlights reel of VMAs past: there was Kanye and Taylor returning to the scene of the "I’mma let you finish" meme and Miley returning to the site of her 2013 twerk-heavy appearance, only this time sans-Robin Thicke. The only thing missing was Madonna and Britney locking lips or perhaps Russell Brand insulting the President.

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