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Yoko Ono Marked John Lennon's 75th Birthday With A 2,000-Strong Human Peace Sign – See The Photos

Yoko Ono brought together over two thousand people in Central Park yesterday (October 6) to honour what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday later this week. Students, activists, drummers and New York politicians gathered together to form a massive peace symbol in Central park, New York City, at midday. And the huge memorial was also accompanied by performances from musicians including The Kinks' Dave Davies. Here's what happened...

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Bloc Party's Upcoming Fifth Album - Everything We Know So Far About 'Hymns'

Back in August, Bloc Party played their first gigs since 2013. Miles from home in California, founding members Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack unveiled both new songs and new bandmates. On drums was 21-year-old Louise Bartle – who would have been 11 when debut album ‘Silent Alarm’ came out – and on bass was Justin Harris of Portland duo Menomena. The new faces were a big deal. Relations seemed rocky when Bloc Party went on a break in 2009, and after going on another hiatus following touring commitments for ‘Four’ in 2013, they announced the departure of bassist Gordon Moakes and drummer Matt Tong. The new look Bloc Party officially clocked back in at the office this Monday (October 5) with a day of radio sessions and interviews. That evening, after premiering a distinctively dancey new single frontman Kele revealed that their fifth album is due out next year. Here’s what we know about it so far.

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How Tons Of Festivals, A Purfleet Warehouse And The Gaslight Anthem Helped Make Guitar Hero Live

Five years after a glut of games caused the bottom to fall out of the franchise, Guitar Hero is back with a spanking new concept – live action footage. No longer are you watching an animated video band widdling away at your command, now you’re on an actual stage in a real-life band playing to a human crowd cheering your every riff or lobbing shoes and invading the stage to attack you if you screw their favourite song up. It’s the ultimate evolution of the whole rhythm game concept, and it involved the team getting wasted at virtually every festival in the western world, inventing real bands, risking their lives around the world’s most dangerous camera and controlling angry, stage invading extras. Creative director Jamie Jackson explains the Making Of Guitar Hero Live…

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10 Standalone Films That Deserve Sequels More Than Fast And Furious 7 Does

Vin Diesel recently – and depressingly – announced the eighth, ninth and tenth instalments of the Fast and Furious franchise. "I promised the studio I would deliver one last trilogy to end the saga," he said. It's a real hackle-raiser: can the narrative arc of any single three Fast and Furious films be described as a trilogy? And how does one final trilogy cap off 7 films? That's just poor maths. Our real bugbear, though, is that piles of Hollywood cash are being poured into Vin Diesel's petrolhead fantasy series: that's money studios could spend on concepts actually worth expanding on. Here are 10 of the best standalone films we'd give a shot at franchises.

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