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24 Posts That Show Snoop Dogg Living His Best Life Online

Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, Calvin Broadus; whatever you call the man, he remains the loveable stoner gangster rapper we just can’t get enough of. But while some artists might shy away from too much oversharing, be overly cautious with words, or even close their accounts like Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg is a veritable online hero. Few musicians can take such terrible selfies, share so many great memes, or use bitmojis with such ability. Snoop’s just livin’ his best life, doggystyle, and here’s the proof.

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Oscars 2017 – 13 Films Already Building An Awards Season Buzz At Venice Film Festival

The Oscars – and awards season generally – may seem far away, but the movie calendar is always rolling on. In anticipation February’s Academy Awards, film festivals throughout the year build up buzz, and films slowly emerge as frontrunners. It may all look like part of a self-mythologising process, but if a film gets a good reception in Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Berlin or London, that can’t be a bad thing for its awards chances. Venice Film Festival kicked off today (August 31) and has already created a lot of buzz for certain films – here are 13 from the festival whose names are bound to crop up again around awards season.

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Mon The Quiz! – Bet You Can't Complete These Biffy Clyro Lyrics...

Rock titans [a]Biffy Clyro[/a] have written some humongous anthems over their 21 years together. From their early scuzzy days to the polished pop sheen they found on third album 'Puzzle', Simon Neil and his gang have always had a knack for writing songs that stick around in your brain. That's one of the reasons they've headlined Reading & Leeds twice, after all.

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"No Flaming Gongs!": Pink Floyd's Nick Mason Discusses Upcoming V&A Exhibition 'Their Mortal Remains'

Flying pigs, inflatable teachers, legendary prisms and marching hammers – the ephemera of [a]Pink Floyd[/a] is amongst the most iconic, inventive and plain massive in rock. Come May 2017, it’s all due to be squeezed into the V&A museum in London as part of ‘Their Mortal Remains’, the first major exhibition of objects from the band’s five decade history and the first time the remaining three members of the band have collaborated since Live 8.

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Pink Floyd Rarities – See A New Video From The Band's Upcoming Early Years Collection

It’s been just over a month since Pink Floyd announced a huge new box set of their early recordings, helpfully titled ‘The Early Years 1965-1972’, and released on November 11. It contains 27 discs, 130 tracks, and a load of video content too: 15 hours of it, in fact, to go on top of the 12 hours of audio. As well as rare concert footage and feature films, it contains rarities like the below video, for ‘Grantchester Meadows’. The Roger Waters song was originally a solo piece on the band’s 1969 double album ‘Ummagumma’, but this rare audio footage captures a group performance of the song that was taped for BBC radio in May 1969.

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What's New On Netflix UK This Month?

Summer is drawing to a close and although you may have spent as much time as you can in the nearest beer garden, the days are getting shorter and we're moving into prime Netflix season with a whole host of new shows and films ready to demand your attention.

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