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Drake's Got His Eye On Toronto With These New Set Of Billboards

Set to release his fourth album 'Views From The 6' in April, Drake last night decided to wrestle back some of the hip-hop spotlight from Kanye by very publicly teasing the artwork to his new project. Indeed, what better way to promote your upcoming album than by buying advertising space on billboards across your home city of Toronto?

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The 1975's Mad 'I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It' – A Track-By-Track Dissection

Who would have guessed that an early frontrunner for 2016's most unpredictable album would be by The 1975? When lead single 'Love Me' was unveiled late last year, it challenged all preconceptions about the band led by Matty Healy. But the whole album – ludicrously titled 'I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It' – will make you think and reassess even more than that song did. The 17 tracks' 75 minutes are no easy listen, but the album is hugely eclectic - there's everything from semi-rapping to post-rock instrumentals and acoustic tearjerkers. Here’s what it sounds like…

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Watch Paul McCartney Create Emoji Music For Valentine's Day

When Paul McCartney was asked by Skype to record some music for Valentine’s Day he wasn’t sure. It was for some ‘Mojis’ – or as everyone else calls them, emojis – created especially for Valentine’s Day. “At first I thought, ‘Is this for me?’,” McCartney explains. “And then I thought, ‘Yeah, why not? Something nice and new,’ so I did. I put music to these things. It was really challenging to do.”

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Here's Why The Oscars Are Right To Clamp Down On Gushing Acceptance Speeches

In an effort to phase out dull and gushing acceptance speeches, this year's Oscar nominees have been asked to submit a list of people they wish to thank in advance. If Leonardo DiCaprio wins on February 28, for example, his pre-ordained list of names will scroll across the screen like a ticker tape, leaving Leo to wax lyrical about whatever he fancies. It's a smart move which should tighten up this year's ceremony and help to avoid cringe-inducing moments like these clangers from Academy Awards past.

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Lana Del Rey's Father John Misty-Starring Video – In 11 Educational GIFs

"I don’t listen to that much new music,” Lana Del Rey said in 2013, “but I actually really love Father John Misty, who kind of reminded me of my roots." Del Rey took FJM, aka Josh Tillman, on tour with her in 2014, and in 2015 she told The Current that she was his “number one fan,” adding that the period they toured together was “Fun! He definitely brings the fun. He's really funny as you probably could imagine if you're a fan. And also just seeing him on stage is really great.”

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How Many Classic Video Games Can You Spot In This Video?

Half a point for Super Mario Bros, one point for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, three for Mortal Kombat and Terminator and a full ten for, um, y'know, that one where the massive spaceship eats the smaller spaceship and that basketball game where you set the hoop on fire with a slam dunk, wassitcalledagain…

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