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Who Is Marina Joyce – And Why Were Her YouTube Fans Worried About Her?

"I'm not in danger and I'm not on drugs," Marina Joyce told tens of thousands of viewers this morning in a livestream this morning (July 27) designed to quell concerns about her safety. "Thank you for caring about me. I love and care about you." Despite her best efforts, she’s failed to convince many fans that she is in fact ok – even after a police visit to her house this morning confirmed she was safe and well. If you’re confused by all the #SaveMarinaJoyce fuss on Twitter, here’s what you need to know.

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Lorde Just Effortlessly Burned Her Uber Driver

Wonderful Lorde. Wonderful Lorde with her chic understatedness and casual quips and Bruce Springsteen quote as a her Twitter profile (“there's a darkness on the edge of town,” in case you’re wondering). Wonderful Lorde with her wisdom and poise and casual cutting down of an Uber driver who last night bleated on to her about the celebrity passenger they just picked up, very much unaware that Lorde herself is no mere 19-year-old, but a pop sensation with 4.32 million Twitter followers and a fanbase five times as devoted as Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters ever were.

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