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What's The Most Expensive Music Video Of All Time?

"What's the most expensive music video of all time?" is ostensibly a fairly straight-forward pub quiz question, the answer to which is: "Michael and Janet Jackson's 'Scream'". That's the answer given by both the Guinness Book of Records and font-of-all-contemporary-knowledge Wikipedia, so most pub landlords would give you a point for that answer and move on with their lives.

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Stormzy Sets Out His Stall As The New King Of Grime On '10 Minutes' Freestyle

Stormzy made his name freestyling over instrumentals with his Wicked Skengman series so it makes sense that he’s returned to this furtive ground in recent months. First he was telling haters to ‘Shut Up’ over XTC’s ‘Functions On The Low’ and here he is again laying enemies to waste in confident style. Going in over The Game and Drake’s collaborative single ‘100’, Stormzy talks about his mad year while the US rapper’s soulful sample of Peabo Bryson’s 1978 slow jam ‘Feel The Fire’ chirps in the background.

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True Detective - Is Season Two Really As Terrible As Everyone's Making Out?

As the second season of True Detective draws to a close, the opprobrium towards it has reached fever pitch. Critics have mercilessly picked holes in almost every aspect of the show, from the plotting to the dialogue to the performances, and while viewing figures are actually higher than last year, that’s supposedly only because audiences are apparently tuning in to ‘hate-watch’ it. Meanwhile, the mystery that was the nominal focus of the season – who killed Ben Caspere? – has been overshadowed by a more incidental one, seemingly as inscrutable as the black stars of Carcosa: who the hell is Stan?

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Why Cilla Black Was Far Cooler Than Blind Date Might Have You Believe

Cilla Black passed away at her home in Spain this weekend, sparking tributes from across the world of TV and music. Having fronted Saturday evening mainstays Blind Date and Surprise Surprise for more than 15 years apiece, it’s no surprise (surprise) that our Cilla will be remembered largely for her contribution to the world of TV. What we shouldn’t forget, however, is that way before she found her niche helping hapless daters choose between contestants one, two and three, Cilla was right at the centre of the swinging '60s and had some pretty cool music cred to boot. Here are five impressive facts you might not know about the star that’ll help you go back to Black and do a little reassessing...

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Dublin Racket-Makers Girl Band On The "Psychotic Episode" That Inspired Their New Album

Live, Girl Band's visceral assault of noise means you only catch fragments of their lyrics. Yet the way that frontman Dara Kieley howls lines like "I look crap with my top off!" with the anguished venom of Nick Cave with toothache has always suggested a lurking darkness. "Divorced of context, they're just random sentences that mean nothing," says guitarist Alan Duggan. "But when there's an explanation, they mean everything."

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Check Out This Awesome Movie Samples Mash-Up Of 'Uptown Funk'

It's only August, but we're almost certain this is one of the finest mash-ups you'll see all year. The handiwork of YouTube user dondrapersayswhat, it's a reworked version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' smash hit single 'Uptown Funk' that's sung by characters from 280 classic films including Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, Austin Powers, The Terminator and The Muppet Movie. The cut'n'paste video reportedly took three months to put together – make all that creative suffering worthwhile by watching below.

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