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The Five Songs Sam Allardyce Should Listen To This Morning

Bad times for Sam Allardyce. Last night, the now-ex England football manager was forced to leave his role after just 67 days in charge of the squad. The move was decided by ‘mutual agreement’ following a report by The Daily Telegraph that implicated in him alleged corruption in the English game. In the undercover report, Sam said there were ways to "get around" certain transfer rules, before going on to slag off the FA (his employer), former manager Roy Hodgson and other members of staff. Not a wise move by a man with a £3 million a year contract on the line.

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More Than Just Blue Steel – 15 Brilliant 'Zoolander' Moments To Mark Its 15th Anniversary

Zoolander was released 15 years ago today (September 28). If you look back on the fashion-world satire now, it’s a who’s who of comedy talent – Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell absolutely dominated '00s films – but it’s also got loads of cameos, with everyone from Natalie Portman to David Bowie taking part (and, unfortunately, Donald Trump). Zoolander’s signature look was Blue Steel, but he’s so much more than that – as these 15 brilliantly quotable moments prove.

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