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In Defence Of Mrs Brown's Boys

Mrs Brown’s Boys has been voted as the greatest sitcom of the 21st Century. Better than Peep Show. Funnier than The Inbetweeners. The masterpiece that is The Office came second to a show about a man in a dress who says “feck” a lot and which once featured a joke about a dildo being mistaken a for whisk. The poll was conducted by Radio Times and canvassed 14,000 people. Twitter is up in arms about it.

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New Music Of The Day: Mild High Club's Creepy, Entrancing New Track 'Kokopelli' (Premiere)

This Friday (Aug 26), Mild High Club will release their second album ‘Skiptracing’, the follow-up to last year’s dreamy debut ‘Timeline’. How does frontman and multi instrumentalist Alexander Brettin best describe the new record’s narrative? It’s about a “private investigator attempting to trace the steps of the sound and the spirit of American music.” Freaky. We’re in.

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Check Out The 15 Best Jokes From The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

There's plenty to see and do at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – whether it's playing a completely bonkers game of Rebel Bingo, watching a musical based on Game Of Thrones or getting up close and too personal with Trainspotting. But comedy is, as ever, the star of the show. Every year, TV channel Dave rounds up the best gags from the huge number of comedy shows on offer, and they've just announced the Funniest Joke of The Fringe 2016.

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BBQing With Loyle Carner: The Up And Coming MC Gets A Grilling

As well as being one of the UK's most exciting new hip hop artists, south London's Loyle Carner is also a bit of a king in the kitchen. Earlier this month he hosted a BBQ at east London's Dalston Roof Park. In association with GOMA, the Get Stuffed catering company and Borough Market, Loyle's 'Chilli Con Carner' cookout saw him working with a team of young chefs with ADHD - a condition Loyle shares with the teenagers. We spoke to Loyle on the roof about making marinade in bathtubs, how cooking helps him deal with his ADHD, and how he's trying to help others.

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