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Foals Crank Up The Intensity On Powerful New Album 'What Went Down' – First Listen Review

With 2013's 'Holy Fire', there was a feeling that Foals had begun their imperial phase. Going from intense math rock upstarts to a Bestival-headlining leviathan over the course of one album, it was as though the world had quietly had a summit and decided that, actually, these Oxford boys had passed some test and could now graduate to the next level. The sizes of venues they played grew, their album narrowly missed out on a Number One and was later voted NME readers' album of the year with lead single 'My Number' voted best track. Somehow, this eclectic bunch with their angry young man of a singer had become one of the British public's favourite bands.

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Manchester's Fruit Bomb Create Magic Out Of Simplicity On 'Goin' Home'

Earlier this year, Fruit Bomb shared their debut track 'Normcore Girlfriend' as part of DIY label Art Is Hard's 'Family Portrait Pt II' EP. It was a rampant and ramshackle piece of garage-pop that shook with lo-fi thrills. The Manchester quartet - headed up by Nai Harvest's Ben Thompson - are slowing the breakneck pace a touch on its follow-up 'Goin' Home', but its no less fun. In truth, it sounds like Hinds colliding with The Black Tambourines (and is every bit as good as the cult Cornish band's best work) - all gloriously infectious, ragged vocals and jangly guitars that will transport you straight back to the heart of the '60s. It's as simple as they come too (the chorus is just the line "I'm going home"), but there's something to be said for not overcomplicating things - after all, aren't all the best songs the ones that create something exhilarating out of something so basic? If the old cliché "home is where the heart is" is true, Fruit Bomb are handing out the change of address forms.

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Danny Brown And Clams Casino Team Up For Fearsome New Single 'Worth It'

Danny Brown begins ‘Worth It’ with a vocal stuck somewhere in the distance and slathered in reverb. “Shadow boxing with Jesus…” he yaps, his voice smothered by crashes and bleeps from cult cloud rap producer Clams Casino. The track – which follows tracks from Cherry Glazerr, Yung Lean and more as the latest in this summer’s Adult Swim singles series – continues in the same uncomfortable vein for three minutes.

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FKA Twigs Elegantly Battles Darkness On Tense New Track 'Figure 8'

Last night (August 3), FKA Twigs joined Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show to deliver her first new track since she shared ‘Glass & Patron’ earlier this year. ‘Figure 8’ was previously debuted at a gig in Melbourne in January, but this was the first time it’d been aired in its proper state. As far as Twigs songs go, ‘Figure 8’ isn’t too wild a deviation from what we heard on her debut album ‘LP1’, but there is more of a tension and dark atmosphere than usual. Bass-y synths and jittering noises skitter around as discordant notes occasionally pierce through. Twigs (aka Tahliah Barnett) doesn’t let that do away with her sense of elegance, though, keeping everything pinned down with poised vocals and breathy gasps infiltrating the menace.

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Watch This Awesome Footage Of Florence + The Machine Performing In A Lightning Storm

Stormy weather over Chicago this weekend didn't seem to bother Florence + The Machine during their headline set at Lollapalooza. She sang about 'Various Storms & Saints' on this year's 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful' so in many ways it's difficult to imagine a more appropriate atmosphere for a tempestuous Flo set than one punctuated by celestial rumbling, and that's what the Grant Park crowd got. Earlier in the day, the festival's attendees had been forced to evacuate after safety concerns over approaching stormy weather, leaving fans wondering if Welch would make the stage at all. The gates opened again 90 minutes after that evacuation, meaning Florence was able to rattle through nine songs before being cut short with a scheduled 30 minutes left due to safety concerns. The footage is pretty impressive - check out 'Dog Days Are Over' and 'Cosmic Love' below:

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What's The Most Expensive Music Video Of All Time?

"What's the most expensive music video of all time?" is ostensibly a fairly straight-forward pub quiz question, the answer to which is: "Michael and Janet Jackson's 'Scream'". That's the answer given by both the Guinness Book of Records and font-of-all-contemporary-knowledge Wikipedia, so most pub landlords would give you a point for that answer and move on with their lives.

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Stormzy Sets Out His Stall As The New King Of Grime On '10 Minutes' Freestyle

Stormzy made his name freestyling over instrumentals with his Wicked Skengman series so it makes sense that he’s returned to this furtive ground in recent months. First he was telling haters to ‘Shut Up’ over XTC’s ‘Functions On The Low’ and here he is again laying enemies to waste in confident style. Going in over The Game and Drake’s collaborative single ‘100’, Stormzy talks about his mad year while the US rapper’s soulful sample of Peabo Bryson’s 1978 slow jam ‘Feel The Fire’ chirps in the background.

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