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Beats 1 Radio One Month On - Its Top Five Musician Guest Presenters So Far

Apple Music launched one month ago today with a tagline - "always on" - that rightly made a big deal of its status as the first ever truly global 24/7 radio station. While we in the UK knew exactly what to expect from the ever enthusiastic Zane Lowe and Rinse FM favourite Julie Adenuga, we had no idea who are what to expect from Beats' promised array of superstar musician guest presenters. We haven't been disappointed though - not even close. Dr Dre, Drake, Elton John, St Vincent, Run the Jewels, Josh Homme, Disclosure, Pharrell and Vampire Weekend man Ezra Koeing are just some of the names to have hosted shows on Beats 1, making for some seriously compelling and starry radio. Keonig’s show has focused on straight-up pop hits, favouring the likes of ABBA, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel and Hot Chocolate. Pharrell's show OTHERtone has been inevitably slick, with some big name guests including Justin Timberlake and Cara Delevingne. So honourable shout-outs to those guys. But whose show has been the best? Here's our top five musician presenters so far...

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12 Painfully Awkward TV Interviews With Film Stars That Will Make You Cringe - Watch

While promoting her new movie Paper Towns model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne served up some dry British wit during a US morning television interview this morning, which has since been dubbed one of the most awkward telly moments of the year. Frankly, her sarky responses to the hosts banal questions just make us like her more. Here are some other cringe-tastic movie star telly chats – be prepared to watch most of these through your fingers…

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Hear Rat Boy's Furious Tyler, The Creator Cover, 'Tyler, The Cover'

Go down to a RAT BOY gig and you're in serious danger of breaking bones, as a number of teenagers on Twitter have recently attested. This cover of the Essex newcomer's brother-in-riotous arms Tyler, The Creator's 'Cherry Bomb' could easily be the soundtrack to that limb-smashing carnage: all blistering, distorted noise as Jordan Cardy delivers fast and hard raps beneath. And then, as suddenly as they entered, the breakbeats disappear, leaving just a soothing guitar line to ease the pain, borrowed from 'WOLF' track 'Answer'. A sample at the start of the track says, "RAT BOY's no phoney", and this sonic assault is firm proof of that.

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