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Lionel Richie On Playing The Biggest Set Of The Weekend At Glastonbury: "There Was Nude Doll Of Me In The Crowd With A Hard-On"

Following in the footsteps of Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond, Lionel Richie took over the Pyramid Stage for the Sunday afternoon "legend slot" - and drew the biggest crowd of Glastonbury 2015. With over 100,000 festival-goers singing along to classic hits like 'Hello', 'Easy' and 'All Night Long', the soul singer became so overwhelmed by what was happening in the audience, he began yelling the already immortal line: "What the hell is going on?" NME called him for a debrief the following day, and found that Lionel was still very much dancing on the ceiling.

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Check Out The Apocalyptic State Of The Glastonbury Site Now

For five days it was a glorious utopia, teeming with music fans frolicking carefree in the rain and occasional sunshine, ciders in hand, tunes blaring, everyone at one with nature. This morning however, with Glastonbury over for another year and the clean-up operation cranking into gear, Worthy Farm looks more something out of a muddy Mad Max. Check out the pictures below...

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Five Of The Best Performances From InMusic Festival 2015

Little about InMusic festival made sense last week. It began on a Monday afternoon, ended with French clowns in huge inflatable suits marching through the site on stilts and the karaoke tent didn’t seem to feature any songs recorded after 1997. But the 25,000-capacity event, set beside a picturesque lake in Croatian capital Zagreb, was enjoying a massive knees-up for its 10th anniversary, so sensibleness was beside the point.

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We've Seen The Much Hyped Apple Music Streaming Service - Here's What You Need To Know

Apple will finally launch their music streaming service on Tuesday (June 30). The product, which had been rumoured for months, if not years, was announced at the start of June at Apple’s WWDC conference. It will go up against established rivals in the market like Spotify, Rdio and Jay Z's Tidal. At the big reveal, Apple boss Tim Cook heralded it as "the next chapter" in music. "I know you are going to love it," he said, "it will change the way you experience music forever."

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