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Mercury Prize 2015: The 12 Albums NME Staff Want To See Shortlisted

Few things spark arguments in UK music quite like the Mercury Prize list. Only one album can win obviously. That's fine. But how the hell did they not include Frigfinger’s seminal 12-hour dirgefest ‘Watch The Drone’? Why have they completely overlooked Swim Deep again? How come Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ isn’t included, despite coming out in 2013?

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The 1975 Channel David Bowie On Transformative Comeback Single 'Love Me' – Review

You'd be forgiven for thinking The 1975's reached pop's pinnacle by stealth. Few appreciate quite how big they are, but two years ago Matt Healy and co's self-titled debut album sprang to No.1, and this summer they confounded a dozing music industry, wielding a peculiarly new kind of power. For the whole of June 1, their social media accounts went dark, giving their fans kittens and grabbing the attention of the press. Were they gone for good? Nope, just 24 hours.

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