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The Indiest Online Spats In History

Trouble in the indie music online world. Bon Iver called out Beyoncé for doing a Pepsi ad. Robin Peckinold from fireside acoustic indie types Fleet Foxes took to Instagram to point out that Bon Iver himself inked a deal with Bushmills whiskey. In the since-deleted ‘gram, he wrote: “Is Pepsi and Bushmills a drink?” A savage blow, as the indie world cleaves itself in two. But it’s not the first time such musicians have clash online. Behold! The Most Indie Online Spats In History.

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Netflix's 'Easy': Why You Need To Be Watching TV's Sexiest New Show

Netflix's new series Easy examines the relationships of a network of people in modern day Chicago. Light-hearted, funny and sometimes all-too realistic, it's one of the best new TV shows to arrive on the streaming service in the last few months. From its killer cast to its compelling storylines, here's why you should be watching it.

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