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Softer Still Embrace Dream Pop On Stunning New Single 'Bliss' (Premiere)

It’s perhaps easy to describe Softer Still merely as ‘dream pop’. Their debut single ‘New Age’ was awash with hazy guitars and distorted vocals - but it was never a sound that they had never set out to make. “We get described as 'dream pop' more than anything else and feel the label is apt, although falling into this category is more accidental and natural than intentional,” says guitarist and vocalist Grant Williams.

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Show This To Your Boss - Why You Should Be Playing Music In Your Office

Frank Ocean. New Order. Kanye West. Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King. Loyle Carner. Goat. Just some of the artists whose music we’ve been blaring out of the NME office stereo since the start of this week. And with good reason, according to a recent study by Cornell University in the US. Their research found that playing happy sounding music at work is linked to an improved mood and increased concentration. Which is surely reason enough to tell your boss that you refuse to work in stony silence any more, before you hook up iPhone to the AUX cord and act like the great living room DJ you become every Friday night when you get back home after the pub.

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Here's How You Can Turn Your Favourite Gig Ticket Into An Ace Doormat For Your Home

Were you really a teenage indie head if you didn’t have every gig ticket you’d ever collected stuck to your bedroom wall? The practice of collecting ticket stubs has long been a obsession for music fans, as much as trying to catch that drumstick lobbed from the stage or a crusty old setlist from in front of the feet of the aloof bass player. While they all might not weather so well over time, there’s now a way to preserve your gig ticket and have it become a key part of your home.

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The Maddest Things Fox News Pundits Have Said About Your Favourite Musicians

Even if you've never watched Fox News, you'll know its hyper-right-wing proclamations on political issues should be taken with an artery-clogging slug of salt. But sometimes, Fox News pundits also share their views on pop culture, which is why the Red Hot Chili Peppers have just been branded the "worst band on the planet". Anthony Kiedis and co. got off pretty lightly, though, compared to this lot.

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The Fan Theory That Could Explain Why Frank Ocean's New Album Has Two Titles

Frank Ocean doesn't do straightforward; everything from his persona to his release strategy to his music itself is filled with intrigue and ambiguity. The shades of grey that define (or rather, can't define) him as an artist are neatly encapsulated in the title of his new album. If the cover art is to be believed, it's called "blond" - all lower-case, no "e". But according to Apple Music and Ocean's own Tumblr poster for his Boys Don't Cry pop-up shops, its title is the six-letter word "Blonde" with an "e" on the end. Fans, understandably, are kind of confused.

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In Defence Of Mrs Brown's Boys

Mrs Brown’s Boys has been voted as the greatest sitcom of the 21st Century. Better than Peep Show. Funnier than The Inbetweeners. The masterpiece that is The Office came second to a show about a man in a dress who says “feck” a lot and which once featured a joke about a dildo being mistaken a for whisk. The poll was conducted by Radio Times and canvassed 14,000 people. Twitter is up in arms about it.

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