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NME's Columnist Katherine Ryan On Massages: 'I Love Paying People To Touch Me'

I love paying people to touch me. Nail techs, hair stylists, dermatologists, make-up artists, osteopaths: you name it, I love it. Yet I can imagine nothing worse than having sex with any of them. OK, maybe my nail guy. He’s chill. But if I went in for a manicure and he just kinda washed my hands a bit then went down on me for half an hour, I would curse that whole place out till he cried. Sex belongs at home and in hotels and sometimes in a car if it’s an emergency. Certainly not in a nail shop! Not in any other place of business, for that matter.

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The Floppiest Box Office Flops In UK Cinema History – Starring Morgan Freeman, Uma Thurman And Lots Of Danny Dyer

Last weekend, Momentum, an action thriller starring Olga Kurylenko, James Purefoy and Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman, grossed just £46 at the UK box office, an average of £4.60 for every one of the ten cinemas in which it was shown. Given cinema tickets cost more than £4.60 that means at least one of those screens showed the film to exactly no people. Momentum joins the list of UK box office mega-flops. So well done everybody. But Momentum is not alone. Here, we look back at some of the worst opening box office takings in UK cinema.

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