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The Weeknd Has Released A Really Expensive Vapouriser That Plays 'The Hills' When You Turn It On

You wanna be high for this. The Weeknd has brought out his own vape and it costs a dizzying $325. It's a Pax 2 model, the kind favoured by stoners in the know, though costs $45 more than Pax 2 vapes that aren't endorsed by ladkillin' R&B badlad Abel Tesfaye. Ah, but wait. The Madness Tour Limited Edition – named after the tour hooked around the Weeknd's latest smash-hit album Beauty Behind The Madness – does have a special function: it plays a ringtone version of his song 'The Hills' when it you turn it on. So that's definitely worth it.

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Is Frank Ocean About To Drop A New Song Called 'White Ferrari'?

Anticipation for the new album from R&B's most beloved smoothie Frank Ocean has been almost too much for most to take, with three and a half years passing since he released his masterpiece of a debut 'Channel Orange'. A simple blog post reading "#july2015" was enough to kick off the frenzied panic among the tweeting masses, with some frothing-mouthed fanatics even going as far as to hound Ocean's own mother for information until she made her Twitter account private.

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I Was There When N'Sync Set The US Album Sales Record. I Never Thought It Would Be Beat – Until Adele Came Along

This week Adele broke the first week album sales records in the UK and the US, besting both Oasis and N’Sync, respectively. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this incredible achievement. Oasis set the mark in the UK with their third album, 'Be Here Now', back in 1997 — almost 20 years ago and four years before the launch of the iPod. The US high-water mark came just three years later in the summer of 2000. Both are records I never thought I’d see broken in my lifetime, let alone approached. I presumed them to be relics of a pre-online, bygone era, when £16 and $20 CDs were the norm.

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'Not As Good As Puff Daddy': A Catholic Priest Reviews The Pope's New Album

The Pope has released an experimental rock album that mashes up prog, soul and Disney-style ballads. Granted, he’s not playing guitar or anything, because the record, Wake Up!, consists of his speeches – delivered in a variety of languages – set to tunes written by Italian musicians such as Tony Pagliuca from the ‘70s progs rock band Le Orme and helmed by a Priest named Don Giulio Neroni, who spoke to NME about the record.

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