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Read Grimes' Passionate Love Letter To The Art And Feminism Of Star Wars

Two of our most anticipated pop culture releases pencilled in for this winter are Grimes' new album and the new Star Wars movie, so you can imagine our delight when we were sent this: a love letter to the ground-breaking space-opera saga, penned by the 4AD star. Taken from the new issue of LOVE magazine, it's a cracker. Check it out below and pick up LOVE here.

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Should Tom DeLonge Rejoin Blink-182? Eight Lessons From Music History That Suggest It Could Go Either Way

"No man ever steps in the same river twice," as Heraclitus once observed. "Never have sex with your ex," as my grandmother once counselled. What both The Weeping Philosopher and my nan agree on is that the universe is a constantly changing place, where it's foolish to try and relive former glories. These words of wisdom sound somewhat lost on former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge however, who recently teased the possibility of rejoining the band he quit only a few months ago. DeLonge told San Diego Comic-Con that all it would take for him to record with Blink again would be "just a few phone calls" - but is going back to a band you've split from acrimoniously ever a good idea? Here's a few others who've gone down that path - with varying degrees of success...

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Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With The 'Death' Of Rock'N'Roll?

The Who’s Pete Townshend once said, “Rock’n’roll is above all an expression of the frustrations of youth.” When you’re young and bursting with a huge spectrum of emotions – anger, fear, love, hope, despair, anxiety, and all the rest – and it feels like no one else understands what you’re feeling, music can be a lifeline. A simple song can make everything feel better, give you strength, provide catharsis. But as life goes on and you begin to figure things out and settle down, does every song still feel like it has the power to change your life? Can we really expect to relate to it in the same way we did as kids when we’re older?

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Foo Fighters: 8 Essential Covers By Prince, Paramore And More

Florence + the Machine made Dave Grohl cry “like a fucking baby” with their Glastonbury cover of Foo Fighters' 'Times Like These', he revealed this week. Pretty understandable really: the disappointment of missing a milestone show he'd spent months psychologically prepping for, then the healing power of hearing Ms Welch belt out a touching tribute rendition of one of the Foos' best-loved songs. “Dave, if you’re listening, we love you, we all love you!" Flo told Worthy Farm, before a jubilant, trumpet-filled take on the track, that Dave said “melted my fucking heart.” But how do other artists’ covers of Foo Fighters songs compare? Here’s our pick of the bunch…

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