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Everything We Learned From Blink-182's AMA On Reddit

Following the departure of guitarist Tom Delonge, pop-punk legends Blink-182 are back in the studio with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba filling in for him. So there was understandable excitement when bassist Mark Hoppus announced the was doing an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit last night. Here’s what we learned (aside from the fact that, no, he doesn’t want to "fuck a dog in the ass").

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The Million-Dollar Wu Tang Album – The Guys Behind The Failed Kickstarter To Buy It For The People React

Yesterday's news that the Wu-Tang Clan had actually managed to find a genuine buyer (who Forbes have confirmed was a private American collector) for their one-of-a-kind album, 'Once Upon A Time In Shaolin', struck the final blow to the efforts of plucky Kickstarter duo Calvin Okoth-Obbo and Russell Meyer, who wanted to buy the album and share it with the people. The agreed price for the record - which is encased in a handcrafted silver and nickel box - was "in the millions", and therefore some way ahead of the $15,046 that Okoth-Obbo and Meyer managed to raise on the crowdfunding website.

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After Adele, Five Other Roots Performances From Jimmy Fallon's Show, Including Madonna, Mariah And Meghan

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Adele has performed ‘Hello’ with Jimmy Fallon’s house band, The Roots. Now and then they recruit a famous musician to perform their best-known song in a broom cupboard using children’s toy instruments. There are some great touches in this one, such as the plinkety xylophone that introduces the chorus, while the whole thing unexpectedly goes a bit reggae in the end. Plus Adele cackles because, y’know, she’s Adele.

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Five Acts Spearheading The Canadian Music Scene Right Now

Canada has always been envied as a sort of music utopia, with the Polaris Prize shortlist reading like every record-buyer's annual Christmas wishlist (Buffy Sainte-Marie fought off tough competition from the likes of Drake, Caribou and Tobias Jesso Jr for this year's accolade) and arts funding considerably higher than in other Western countries. Things don't look set to change any time soon either - newly-elected Liberal leader Justin Trudeau recently pledged to double funding for the Canada Council of the Arts.

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