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Why The Cat Face? The Big Question From Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ Video, Answered

Another day, another batshit crazy Kanye West video. The promo for ‘Fade’ starts out reasonably enough – well, reasonably enough in the magical fantasyland in which Kanye inhabits. The sweaty scene is set in a gym unlike the gym you go to. For a start there’s no-one stood annoyingly close to you, shooting you evils and trying to make you get off the crosstrainer two minutes after you got on it.

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Are Red Hot Chili Peppers Really 'The Worst Band In The Universe'? We Watched Their Leeds Headline Set To Decide

On the eve of their first Reading & Leeds appearance for nine years, the [a]Red Hot Chili Peppers[/a] probably could have done without the added scrutiny of being labelled “the worst band in the universe” and “a poor man’s Faith No More” by Fox News presenter Greg Gutfield. Strong words, but does his argument hold water? We caught the band’s set at Leeds to make the cases for and against...

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Fuck The Rest, The 1975 Just Won Reading

Reading 2016 has been full of artists stepping up and proving their worth, including [a]Chvrches[/a], [a]Blossoms[/a], Spring King and Boy Better Know. But none more so than [a]The 1975[/a], who may just be the best band in the country right now.

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Astroid Boys Introduced Reading Festival To The World Of Welsh Grime Punk

Combining hardcore punk with grime might sound dangerously close to nu metal, but Cardiff five-piece Astroid Boys are looking ahead, not back – experimenting to push culture forward. Vocalist Traxx, wearing a baseball cap and checked black-and-white chefs’ trousers, looks like he’s just knocked off work at a greasy spoon. At one point during this exciting, uncompromising show, second vocalist Benji mounts the barrier and raps, "Look at me now!” to a crunching guitar riff.

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Ezra Furman Is The Act You Should Have Seen At Reading 2016 - Here’s Why

Ezra Furman’s wasn’t the longest set at Reading today, or on the biggest stage, but it was definitely one of the most exciting. Strolling out onto stage in a purple silk dress, the gender-fluid rocker looked every inch the debauched rock star. Throw in a giant wig and some platform heels and we could have been in CBGB’s watching New York Dolls circa 1977.

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