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Kanye West's Greatest Tweets

When Twitter was created in March 2006 by ambitious developers Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass, they might have hoped, perhaps in their wildest dreams, that their new venture would capture the attention of some of the world’s major movers and shakers.

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A Month On From His Death, David Bowie Biographer David Buckley Reflects On A Life Immersed In His Colourful World

Author David Buckley has spent years chronicling the life and work of David Bowie, in academia and in books such as Strange Fascination: David Bowie, The Definitive Story and The Complete Guide To The Music Of David Bowie. A month on from Bowie's death, he reflects on his own relationship with the artist, and the outpouring of grief that has consumed fans.

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"I kicked some girl in the face by accident": Father John Misty On Appearing In Lana Del Rey's 'Freak' Video

Father John Misty appears in Lana Del Rey's video for 'Freak', which hit the internet yesterday. The track, a swooning pop song about California and doomed love, is taken from her 2015 album Honeymoon, while the 10-minute video sees the Father dance with Lana on the beach, drop acid and bob about underwater with a bunch of women dressed in white. We had a quick chat with Father John, and here's what we learned about the video.

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Watch This Incredible Anti-Gravity OK Go Video

They’ve done jaw-dropping things with dogs and buckets, Japanese schoolgirls with umbrellas and the world’s biggest game of Mousetrap. They’ve played thousands of instruments by driving at them in a car covered in sticks and, of course, they invented the concept of running machine choreography. Chicago rockers OK Go are better known for their mind-blowing one-shot videos than their music, having racked up well over 100 million views for clips for the likes of ‘Here It Goes Again’ (dancing on treadmills), ‘White Knuckles’ (performing dogs) and ‘Needing/Getting’ (Top Gear’s Star In A Reasonably Priced Car but with roadside instruments). And now they’ve even managed to top their own ludicrously high video standards. By about 34,000 feet.

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11 Things We Learned From The New House Of Cards Trailer

If you think the real-life US politics are controversial, then House Of Cards might give you a wee shock. The fourth series of the twisted political drama will premiere on Netflix on March 4, with the full series arriving on the streaming service world-wide. To feed the blood-thirsty appetite we all have for President Frank Underwood, his wife Claire and their dastardly scheming, Netflix has provided us with a brand new trailer - arguably the darkest and most revealing yet. There's quite a few 'blink-and-you'll-miss-it' moments in here so we've collected a selection of the most important moments.

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