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Interactive Music Videos Are More Than Just A Gimmick - They're The Future

Foals' new video has landed and it's a doozie: an immersive black-and-white interactive experiment directed by longtime collaborator Nabil, who also oversaw their NSFW ‘Bad Habit’ and ‘Late Night’ videos. After a brief, disorienting flight over a city you land in a plaza, with a 360º rotatable view of the band, featuring multiple Yannises. Trippy. As the track reaches its crashing climax and you notice the ominous approach of the mountains in the background, you’ll swivel the camera towards the skies, which are swarming with flocks of CGI birds. And then you’ll probably wonder how the hell we got from the homespun 4:3 footage of ‘Red Socks Pugie’ to this high-tech nightmare-land.

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Read Grimes' Passionate Love Letter To The Art And Feminism Of Star Wars

Two of our most anticipated pop culture releases pencilled in for this winter are Grimes' new album and the new Star Wars movie, so you can imagine our delight when we were sent this: a love letter to the ground-breaking space-opera saga, penned by the 4AD star. Taken from the new issue of LOVE magazine, it's a cracker. Check it out below and pick up LOVE here.

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Nine Essential Films About Music Scenes – 24 Hour Party People, Almost Famous And More

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for movies based on music scenes: Eden, a film about the 1990s French house boom, complete with nods to the formation and rise of DJ duo Daft Punk, is out in UK cinemas now, while later this year, Zac Efron will star in We Are Your Friends, exploring the thrills, spills and excesses of life as an American EDM DJ. Both are straight-up dramatisations, but have real life music scenes at their core, too. They're not the first big-screen flicks to mine world-famous music movements for plot inspiration though. Here are nine other fictional films that tell you all you need to know about everything from 1960s folk and 1970s classic rock to disco, soul and punk...

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