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Nine Weird Moments From Kanye's 'The Life Of Pablo' Playback and Yeezy 3 Launch

Kanye West, you may have noticed, doesn't do things by halves. Last night saw him combine his two loves, fashion and music, at a massive, ridiculous event in Madison Square Gardens in New York. Broadcast around the world via cinema screenings and a stream on Jay-Z's streaming service Tidal (which kept crashing due to unprecedented traffic), it treated us to the first playback of his seventh album, The Life of Pablo, as well as the grand unveiling of his third fashion line, Yeezy 3. We've done a first impressions track-by-track review of the record, but first check out the nine weirdest moments (shout out to Joey Bada$$ getting into a fight with a pap) from last night's glitzy, baffling, celeb-studded event.

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Upset Kanye West By Making Your Own 'The Life Of Pablo' Cover Using These Handy Tools

When was the last time you thought about Kanye West? If your answer is more than two minutes ago, then his shambolic but weirdly effective marketing campaign for his seventh album – which has included four different album titles, three different tracklistings, two different covers, and one assertion of Bill Cosby's innocence – has failed. His most recent marketing initiative was possibly one of the biggest album promo events ever: a huge fashion show for the third season of his Adidas Yeezy fashion line, combined with a listening party, all of which was streamed live on Tidal and beamed into cinemas across the globe. But he still hasn't released the album to the general public.

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Watch 29 Famous Actors Give A Dramatic Reading Of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'

Can you really deny that ever since Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' was released, you haven't just been dying to hear a dramatic reading of its world-class, prodigious poetry? Lines like 'I know that I let you down' and 'I'm missing you more than just your body' really demand to be spoken like lines of Shakespeare, not just sung over Skrillex and Blood Diamonds' banging beats. So you'll be glad to hear that Vanity Fair got 29 actors at the top of their field to read out Bieber's lyrics in full, dramatic speech. Some of them took it less seriously than others – Ellen Page’s turn is particularly masterful – but it's surprisingly John Hamm's performance that's least convincing of all.

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Kanye West's 'The Life Of Pablo' – Track-By-Track First Listen

The sense of caution, veering on trepidation, from fans leading up to the release of [a]Kanye West[/a]'s new album 'The Life Of Pablo' has been palpable. Despite the rapper's own very-Kanye-like proclamations of it being "not the best album of all time, but one of them", there wasn't much in the build-up to Thursday's premiere-cum-fashion show at New York's Madison Square Garden that evoked certainty that everything would turn out alright on the night.

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Eight Essential Uses For An NME Award

Rock stars’ downstairs loos: absolutely chockablock with awards. Honestly, you should see 'em: statuettes from the cistern to the ceiling. And with the NME Awards 2016 With Austin, Texas set to make a right mess of the 02 Academy in Brixton next Wednesday night (February 17), the problem will only worsen. Ah, but here are eight other essential – and often curiously pleasurable – uses for that prestigious NME gong.

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