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Thurston Moore And Pussy Riot Talk FIFA, Punk and Putin

It's the hottest day of the year and the sun is blazing down on the roof of London's Village Underground venue, where, next to a pair of decommissioned tube trains, Maria Alyokhina is explaining her introduction to punk. "When I was 14, at a Muse concert [in Moscow], they gave away free copies of NME magazine. It’s how I knew the music. The NME and an illegal Russian market. I lived a few metro stations away from the biggest illegal market for western CDs in Moscow."

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How I Shot The Iconic Cover To NWA's 'Straight Outta Compton'

The cover to NWA’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ helped set the tone for the most important, blistering and downright essential gangster rap album of all time. Featuring all six members of the "the world’s most dangerous group" as towering figures, with scowls etched across their faces as leader Eazy-E points a pistol directly at the camera, it summarised an angry, rebellious record the rang loudly through South Central Los Angeles’ African-American communities, bottling a disenchantment that would boil over a few years later with the LA Riots.

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Soundtrack Of My Life: Giorgio Moroder On Loving Rihanna And Nearly Producing The Rolling Stones

Over his illustrious, 50-year career, 75-year-old Italian dance pioneer Giorgio Moroder has done more for disco than almost any other. Credited with essentially inventing synth disco, Moroder was the man behind many of Donna Summers' iconic hits including 'I Feel Love' and also co-wrote tracks with Blondie, Bowie and countless other heroes. More recently, Moroder has re-emerged in the limelight with a guest spot on Daft Punk's recent LP 'Random Access Memories', telling his life story on 'Giorgio By Moroder'. Here, he tells NME about the tracks that have shaped his career, from getting into Elvis to becoming obsessed with Rihanna...

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8 Famous Clashes Between Musicians And Security Guards At Gigs

Spare a thought for the guy who had to lug Damon Albarn offstage at Roskilde in Denmark this weekend. Poor dude probably thought he'd be home by midnight - just another day at the office. Instead the Blur frontman, bringing his Africa Express project to the festival, was in such high spirits, he didn't stop playing till 4am, stretching his set to a marathon five hours. It all came to a head at when, in a mini-referendum, he started singing The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’. The crowd cheered for the former, but Roskilde’s security chose the latter and ended up literally carrying him offstage. Here's some other musicians who ended up on the wrong side of security guards at gigs...

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Exclusive: Watch Catfish & The Bottlemen Perform A Specially Recorded Acoustic Version Of 'Cocoon'

Hot on the heels of their triumphant appearance at Glastonbury 2015 - where they overcame horrendous weather, broken equipment and a bout of food poisoning and still managed to be one of the most talked about bands of the weekend, Catfish & The Bottlemen are premiering a special treat for fans. You can now exclusively watch an intimate recording of their track, 'Cocoon' courtesy of Zig-Zag Rolling Papers. Front man Van McCann recorded this acoustic version in one take. The venue, Telford's Warehouse in Chester, is one of the very first venues Catfish & The Bottlemen played as a band. Zig-Zag took them back to where it all started to bring you this unique, brilliant version of what's sure to become a massive 2015 summer festival sing-a-long.

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Get To Know Hippo Campus, The Minnesota Braniacs Taking Inspiration From Brit Cult-Rock

The hippocampus is the seahorse-shaped part of your brain that processes long- and short- term memory. You can expect Hippo Campus, four young scamps from Minnesota, to be taking up residence in it very soon. But that’s just a coincidence. “Nathan [Stocker, guitarist] was in psychology class and saw the word in one of his textbooks,” laughs frontman Jake Luppen. “Honestly, it was just the least-worst band name we could think of.”

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