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Five Laugh Out Loud Moments From BBC's 'Oasis In Their Own Words' Documentary

Supersonic isn't the only [a]Oasis[/a] documentary coming out this year. The BBC's own effort, Oasis In Their Own Words, airs this Friday (BBC iPlayer, September 30) and tells the band's tumultuous story via interview clips and old TV footage. As you'd expect from anything involving the Gallagher brothers, it's funny, expletive-filled (even if they do bleep it all out) and rife with attitude. Here are the five funniest moments.

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Skinny Lister Pay Tribute To 'Stranger Things' Actor On New Album 'The Devil, The Heart & The Fight' - Listen To It In Full Here

Stranger Things has taken over the world since it launched on Netflix this summer, and whether its the show's child stars stealing everyone's hearts at awards ceremonies or performing the US National Anthem at baseball games, it's become totally inescapable. Take, as evidence, Skinny Lister's new album, and album track 'Charlie'.

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