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New Music Of The Day: Yak - 'No' (Video Premiere)

In an age where seemingly everything in music must have A Serious Message, Yak's new single 'No' is notably non-conformist. Guitars splutter, fists smash into synths, vocals hollers all manner of gibberish about being "out of the woods" and "all clear" and the chorus is one chord, one riff, one helluva racket. Somewhere along the way, Courtney Barnett's bassline from 'Avant Gardener' gets nicked, sped up and distorted to high heaven, while feedback wails and squawks... and just how rare is that from a British indie band in 2015?

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Go Long! 11 Albums With Ludicrously Lengthy Titles

This week, The 1975 announced details of their second LP, including the fact that it's set to be called 'I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It'. No, seriously. It's a rather unwieldy title that's certainly not lacking self-confidence, but it's not the most sprawling LP title out there. Here are 11 more album names that laugh in the face of brevity...

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The Return Of Homeland – Is This One Season Too Many For The Perplexing TV Drama?

When it debuted in 2011, labyrinthine terrorism drama Homeland had a plot that gripped like flypaper. Starring Claire Danes as CIA agent Carrie Mathison, series one focused around her investigation into whether Gulf war hero Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) – who’s recently been released after being incarcerated in Afghanistan for eight years – had been turned by al-Qaeda. Subsequent series have varied wildly in quality, with some episodes offering tense high-octane excitement, and others being utter bobbins. What should we expect of series five?

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Clear Your Diaries – The Best Of The Jack Rocks Gigs Happening In The Next Month

This autumn’s run of Jack Rocks gigs is already underway, but don’t worry about missing out – there are still plenty left to sink your gigging teeth into – as well as content to check out online. Celebrating the UK’s small venues with a series of intimate shows across the country, they include a special showcase at this weekend’s Hackney Wonderland festival, which boasts a hefty line-up of Toy, Carl Barat And The Jackals, Tom Vek and Bo Ningen.

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