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10 Buzziest New Bands At Reading And Leeds Festival 2015

Everyone remembers the moment Arctic Monkeys packed out the Carling Stage at Reading in 2005. As fans spilled from all sides of the tent, the Monkeys played a set that acted as a launchpad for an entire career. This year's Reading & Leeds line-up is stuffed with new bands, but who's best? From the unholy noise of New Jersey freaks Ho99o9 to The Big Moon's smiley indie-pop, we run down the 10 buzziest bands from across the weekend.

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Win At Reading & Leeds Like Limp Bizkit: The Rules Of Being A Regular Fixture

Year after year, decade after decade in some cases, there they are - the bands whose names seem permanently etched onto those iconic black-and-yellow bill posters: your New Found Glories, your Limp Bizkits, your All Time Lows, your Frank Turners, your Panic! At The Discos... and that’s just this year’s selection. They are the Reading & Leeds survivors (quite literally, in PATD’s case – see below) and while there will always be bigger, more celebrated acts higher up the bill, these bands are not only the festival’s niche, but its very soul. So, how does one join the storied ranks of Reading & Leeds survivors? Here’s our completely unscientific guide...

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Metallica At Reading Festival Wasn't The Easy Win You Thought It'd Be

Last year at Glastonbury, Metallica faced one of the toughest headline crowds that an established rock behemoth might possibly encounter. Not because Glastonbury goers are all about peace 'n' love and Metallica are all about riffs and grunting, but because Metallica are still, in many minds, a niche act, and Glastonbury is a mainstream festival. Added to this was the controversy over a documentary on bear hunting that James Hetfield provided a voice over for, and - as is becoming traditional - a resulting online petition to get them knocked off their perch.

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Did Their Riffs Break BBC4? Twitter Reviews Metallica's Reading Set

Metallica headlined the Main Stage at Reading 2015 on the Saturday night (August 29). Those in the field were treated to a pyro extravaganza, dozens of balloons tossed into the crowd and, of course, more than sound hours of bludgeoning riffs. While Metallica feel like a very 'Reading' band, it was the metal Gods' first return to Richfield Avenue for seven years. From those watching at home of the box (it was broadcast on BBC4) the reviews were largely positive. Here are some of Twitter's most entertaining #metallica tweets.

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Ballsiest Show Of The Weekend? Bring Me The Horizon Prove A Point At Reading Festival

“Pull the fucking tampon out and show me what you got!” That's Bring Me The Horizon frontman Ollie Sykes, trying his absolute hardest to force the vast crowd in front of him to form a circle pit that swallows Reading whole. He’s not pleased with their efforts. “Is that what you call a pit, like? Fucking pathetic.” We’re a song into the Sheffield quintet’s Main Stage performance, an hour-long splurge of classic metal riffs, machine gun drums, bowel-churning bass eruptions, smoke jets and about a million crazy do-it-or-die instructions from Sykes. Having abandoned their screamy metalcore roots for a cleaner sound, Bring Me The Horizon are here opening for Metallica, and they’re out to prove they can blow their forefathers out of the water, using the following weapons...

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These Two Bands Want To Be The Next Oasis. Are Pretty Vicious Or DMA's Reading 2015's Best Gallagher Substitute?

Though they hail from different sides of the globe, Sydney's Britpop revivalists DMA's and Merthyr Tydfil's baby-faced rockers Pretty Vicious have both stepped up to the plate with a clear aim of being the next Oasis. You only have to check out Pretty Vicious' 'Definitely Maybe'-esque press shot to see they're unashamedly vying for the title, while their Aussie counterparts aren’t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves either. They make no bones about them being in thrall to the Manchester and Britpop sounds that circled the globe when they were growing up down under. But, of the pair, which is the best bet for success? The opportunity to judge came about at Reading, where the two bands performed back to back on the Festival Republic stage. We decided to see how they stacked up.

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