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Dublin Racket-Makers Girl Band On The "Psychotic Episode" That Inspired Their New Album

Live, Girl Band's visceral assault of noise means you only catch fragments of their lyrics. Yet the way that frontman Dara Kieley howls lines like "I look crap with my top off!" with the anguished venom of Nick Cave with toothache has always suggested a lurking darkness. "Divorced of context, they're just random sentences that mean nothing," says guitarist Alan Duggan. "But when there's an explanation, they mean everything."

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Check Out This Awesome Movie Samples Mash-Up Of 'Uptown Funk'

It's only August, but we're almost certain this is one of the finest mash-ups you'll see all year. The handiwork of YouTube user dondrapersayswhat, it's a reworked version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' smash hit single 'Uptown Funk' that's sung by characters from 280 classic films including Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, Austin Powers, The Terminator and The Muppet Movie. The cut'n'paste video reportedly took three months to put together – make all that creative suffering worthwhile by watching below.

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Cult Rockers Royal Trux On Gearing Up For Their First Show In 15 Years

Before most bands announce their reformation, there tends to be a hatchet-burying meeting, perhaps a rehearsal or two to confirm the old magic is still there. But when legendary 90s sleaze-rockers Royal Trux signed up to headline the final day of this month's Berserktown II festival in Santa Ana, California on August 16, the band's core duo of Jennifer Herrema and Neil Michael Hagerty hadn't even been in the same room together since they split as a band and a couple 13 years ago. Still haven't, in fact.

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Traams Drum Up A Post-Punk Storm On Comeback Track 'Succulent Thunder Anthem'

Chichester-via-Brighton trio TRAAMS' debut album 'Grin' was one of the underground releases of 2013, all wiry guitar hooks and urgent vocals combined into a plaid-printed post-punk masterpiece. 'Succulent Thunder Anthem' is their first track to be taken from their second, 'Modern Dancing', and suggests the follow-up should provide more of the same. "You're not my friend/You're all so strange," barks Stu Hopkins over throbbing bass and tornado guitar lines, later dropping his voice to warn "Please don't slip and break your neck/You know there's ice on the road" with a compelling sense of the ominous.

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