Ice-T supports retirement fund for ageing rappers

"There’s a lot of people that are OK, but a lot of people aren’t"

Body Count – ‘Carnivore’ review: as long as there’s injustice, there’ll be a need for Ice T’s vital brand of hardcore

There was a time when Body Count, the hardcore-meets-thrash side-project of West Coast rap pioneer Ice T, was one of the most controversial bands...

Ice-T “almost shot” an Amazon delivery driver

Ice-T has told Amazon that it should ensure its delivery workers wear uniforms after he "almost shot" a person approaching his house on Monday...

Ice-T finally eats a bagel and drinks coffee for the first time

Ice-T has bowed to online pressure by appearing in a video to eat a bagel and sipping coffee for the first time ever. The rapper...

Watch Ice-T recall the time he battled ‘full-blown diarrhoea’ on stage

The embarrassing incident occurred after he ate gumbo before going on stage

Ice-T’s Body Count to release new album in 2014

'Manslaughter' will be the thrash group's fifth LP

Ice-T arrested for driving without a seatbelt

Rapper pulled over for not staying safe behind the wheel


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No swearing now, Mr Marrow...


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