Matt Berry

Rosamund Pike, Taron Egerton and Kate Winslet confirmed for new ‘Moomins’ animated series

A new animated series based on the Moomins series has been confirmed, with a high-profile cast. The Moomins are a series of Finnish children’s books...

Matt Berry announces new album ‘The Small Hours’ and UK tour

The actor/musician has shared the first track from the record, 'Obsessed And So Obscure'

Matt Berry – ‘Music For Insomniacs’

Matt Berry has regularly cited Mike Oldfield as a huge influence on his work. However, the IT Crowd/Garth Marenghi man has never paid homage...

Comedian Matt Berry releases album for the sleep-deprived

‘Toast Of London’ star issues ‘Music For Insomniacs’ on May 19

Matt Berry – ‘Kill The Wolf’

Matt Berry has created and/or starred in many excellent and funny things – Snuff Box, The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh, Jesus-based rock opera...