Reverend And The Makers - '@Reverend_Makers'

Rev’s reaction to no-one ruddy listening

  • Release Date 18 Jun, 2012
  • Producer James Dring, Youth
  • Record Label Cooking Vinyl
  • Fact The album is called @Reverend_Makers because 'McClure could not think of anything which summed up modern times better than the @ symbol'.
6 / 10
Having tried to stuff right-minded but clunky ‘George Bush = BAD’ politics down our throats with his last albums as side-project Mongrel and with the Makers themselves, this is Rev’s reaction to no-one ruddy listening. Happily, while we were expecting an opus about how the coalition government’s really lame, he’s delivered a relentless bosh-pop thump that’s more ‘Bonkers’ than bonkers. Most of it, from the vein-tingle rave-grind of ‘Bassline’, to the disco strings of ‘Out Of The Shadows’, to the ’90s big beat of ‘Shine The Light’, is a riot. Actually, riots: that’s what we thought he was going to write an opus about. Thank God he didn’t.

Jamie Fullerton

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