Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson
Ever the fan of the dramatic, not to mention seedy metaphor, as Brett the elder howls, “I am the needle and you are the vein” on ‘Dust And Rain’, a tangible battle between cynicism and fondness starts raging. Yes, it’s tacky, yes it’s silly, but even in his Suede days, Anderson was never the Byron-lite figure he cast himself as. So can he get away with peddling the same tawdry lyrical tosh he did a decade ago? Well, he might have done if he’d included some nice upbeat bangers on this record, instead of 11 tracks of the same old maudlin balladry. From ‘Colour Of The Night’’s crucifixion imagery to ‘Love Is Dead’’s incessant wailing, like The Girlie Show, what seemed sexy and edgy 10 years ago, now seems more than a touch irrelevant.

Leonie Cooper
4 / 10

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