Diagrams - 'Black Light'

Orthodox songs injected with a jazzy synth

  • Release Date 16 Jan, 2012
  • Producer Mark Brydon, Subliminal Kid, Sam Genders
  • Record Label Full Time Hobby
  • Fact This is the new project from Sam Genders of Tunng
6 / 10
Although Sam Genders, the sole fixed member of Diagrams, embarked on this project after bailing out of London-based indie-folk artisans Tunng, unfortunately he didn’t do so before they became a very boring band. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t wholly turn you against ‘Black Light’, which abandons any pretence towards the rustic and embraces gleaming, airbrushed pop moves. There are lots of synths and cod-jazzy electronic drums, pepping up songs which are otherwise polite and orthodox. ‘Appetite’ is dreamy enough to compare to Gruff Rhys’ recent efforts, while John Martyn and Scritti Politti seem to inform many of these nine songs’ finer moments.

Noel Gardner

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