AK/DK - 'Synths + Drums + Noise + Space'

Electronic duo pay their respects to Kraftwerk, Neu! and Factory Floor on dancefloor-ready LP

  • Release Date 07 Apr, 2014
  • Record Label Little Miss Echo
8 / 10
From Adam And The Ants’ glam pop to the intensity of Swans, bands with two drummers are a rare and often noble beast. AK/DK’s Ed Chivers and Graham Sowerby take the concept to its limits, augmenting their twinned kits with racks of pedals, pads and creaky old synths, and heading for the dancefloor. On ‘Maxwell’s Waves’ and ‘Modulator’, they carry over the improvised Factory Floor-go-disco workouts of their frenetic live show with pinpoint percussion and crackling electronics. Then, just when it seems that the Brighton pair might be getting too repetitive, they head down more ambient byways: ‘Autoservice’ and ‘Morning Dragpipe’ pay their respects to the simplistic melodies of Kraftwerk and Neu! adding a motorik nuance to this well-kitted-out debut.

Stuart Huggett

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