OMEGA X announce 2023 US and Mexico tour

Featuring shows in Mexico City, Chicago, San Francisco and more

OMEGA X find new home after leaving SPIRE Entertainment

Their new company IPQ Corp is known for producing the K-BL series 'A Shoulder to Cry On'

OMEGA X terminate their contracts with SPIRE Entertainment

The boyband called the agreement "amicable and mutual"

OMEGA X say they’ve won lawsuit against SPIRE Entertainment to suspend their contracts

The K-pop boyband are now expected to press charges against the agency's former CEO for allegedly "threatening, assaulting and exploiting" them, as their lawyers said in November

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SPIRE Entertainment asks OMEGA X for “one more chance” in court hearing about contract termination

The company's lawyers also responded to allegations that OMEGA X were berated by its ex-CEO, saying: "Although we could never justify the verbal abuse, we would like to state that there were various circumstances surrounding the incident"

Ex-SPIRE Entertainment CEO denies OMEGA X abuse allegations: “I took care of all of them like their mother”

A South Korean judge will consider the boyband's request to nullify their contract with the agency at a hearing this week

OMEGA X open up on anxiety and mental health struggles after alleged abuse under agency SPIRE Entertainment

In a press conference, the boyband also called attention to widespread mistreatment within the industry: "I think a lot of K-pop trainees and even current idols are being treated unfairly," said member Taedong

OMEGA X to press charges against SPIRE Entertainment’s ex-CEO for “threatening, assaulting and exploiting” members

The K-pop group have applied to terminate their contract with the agency, their lawyers said at a press conference, where members also alleged they were sexually harassed by SPIRE's ex-CEO

OMEGA X members reportedly file trademarks for the group and fanbase names

The boyband are set to hold a press conference discussing their ongoing conflict with agency SPIRE Entertainment tomorrow