Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent says “Donald Trump was sent here by God”

"I like this Donald Trump shit-kicker"

Ted Nugent voted for Donald Trump because he was “ready to crush the status quo”

"I always tell everybody that Donald Trump is the closest you'll ever get to Ted Nugent in politics"

David Crosby calls Ted Nugent a ‘hack player and no singer at all’ after his rant about being omitted from the Rock & Roll...

Ted Nugent once again delivered a furious rant about his omission from the 2018 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees, decrying it as...

Ted Nugent says Parkland shooting survivors are ‘pathetic’ and ‘have no soul’

Ted Nugent has spoken out against the teenage student survivors of the Parkland school massacre - calling them 'pathetic' and 'liars' who 'have no...

Further Ted Nugent casino performances cancelled over ‘racist’ comments

Controversial rock singer claims there is an "army assigned to destroy" him

Ted Nugent apologises for calling US President Obama a ‘subhuman mongrel’

Rocker says he wishes he used 'more understandable language'

Ted Nugent: ‘I’m repulsed by gay sex’

Rocker says he believes gay sex is 'against nature', but denies being homophobic

Ted Nugent honoured by National Rifle Association

Organisation thank him for his support of the right to bear arms


Ron and Krishelle Bennett claim the bloodthirsty guitar hero reneged on a deal to provide front-row seats and unrestricted backstage access at one of his shows, as well as having dinner with the pair.