JK Rowling and the savage Twitter game: the Harry Potter author’s most sassy tweets


A public safety warning: make sure you’re covered up before attempting to insult JK Rowling on Twitter, because you are gonna get burned. The Harry Potter author, whose latest wizarding effort, the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, is currently wowing audiences on the West End, has acquired a reputation as one of the sassiest celebrities on Twitter. Marvel! As she calls outs hypocrisy with guile and wit. Gasp! As she picks a perfectly worded put-down that destroys her attacker in one fell swoop. Retweet! Her latest missive to your 232 enchanted, enraptured followers.

Rowling made digital headlines again this week, as she responded to a troll who threatened to burn her books and DVDs. Unfazed, the author whipped up a social media expelliarmus that caused us to give her a standing ovation, showering her with digital confetti. We liked the following tweet with reckless abandon, so help us God.


But this is by no means the first time the bestselling novelist has stunned us with her exceptional Twitter game, oh no. Behold! The firest tweets from the firest tweeter in the business, the most searing 140 character assaults from the woman with the whole of Hogwarts in her head, our muggle from another mother,  your friend and mine, it’s Harry Potter author JK Rowling.


The time she stood up for Madonna, who’d fallen over at the Brits

That time she stood for Serena Williams, who’d been insulted on Twitter

That time she took on the Westboro Baptist Church

That time she celebrated her enemies

That time she took on the might of Murdoch


That time she sassed a factually incorrect social media account

A bad day for that social media intern.

That time she gave some moderately useful life advice to a lost young tweeter

That time she wrote some words so a fan could have them tattooed


That time she quoted Chamillionaire


That time she encouraged us to tweet and be free