Mac DeMarco downed a bottle of Jameson and then proceeded to deliver the “greatest gig ever”

Disclaimer: DO NOT DOWN AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF JAMESON WHISKY. Please - Mac learned the hard way

Alright, listen up everyone – that includes you at the back. We’ve got a very important message to bring to you about drinking.

Now, many of us like a drink. Some of us might like two, maybe even three drinks. And then there’s those of us who like to drink an entire bottle of Jameson Irish Whisky in a very short space of time while performing in front of a few hundred people.

Naturally, the latter is a very bad idea indeed – drinking 70cl of 40%-strong alcohol in just over two hours is just… well, we just don’t advise it. So please: drink responsibly, everyone.

Meanwhile, some excellent footage of Mac DeMarco‘s recent gig in Pittsburgh has been uploaded to YouTube with the claim that, after drinking “an entire bottle of Jameson throughout the concert”, the ‘Salad Days’ man proceeded to deliver what fans have called “the greatest, two-and-a-half hours of live musical performance the world has ever seen.”

Now we all know that Mac is an excellent and thoroughly-entertaining performer – he is, after all, renowned for delivering near-full stand-up routines, jokey Coldplay covers and crowdsurfing the length of venues and festival sites the world over – and, on top of hearing renditions of his excellent tunes, many go to see him purely for the japes alone.

But, as YouTube user Dorian Ye boldly claims, Mac’s Pittsburgh performance on May 22 deserved to “go down in the annals of history” of gigging. “[It has] received praise from fans and critics alike for its phenomenal execution,” he writes. “Mac downed an entire bottle of Jameson throughout the concert and somehow played even better when he is hilariously drunk than he does when he’s sober. It was a magical night for all involved.”

Highlights from the show that were captured on film by Dorian include Mac letting a punter on the front row tie his shoelaces for him, drinking from a Jameson bottle, screaming into the mic while clutching a bottle of Jameson, sniffing and caressing the piano player Alec, drinking deeper from a Jameson bottle, starting a chant of “Sandwich”, getting increasingly moist, and, er, drinking even deeper from a Jameson bottle.

Watch fan-shot highlights from the “greatest gig ever” below, and judge for yourself.

But yes, once again – don’t be like Mac, folks. Drink responsibly. Visit Drink Aware for more information,