12 batshit brilliant things Moby actually, genuinely said

What a bloody renegade

Moby gives good quote. The man enjoys an interview, always dishes the dirt, always delivers the goods. The electronic musician is currently promoting his latest album ‘Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt’, and – boy oh boy! – has he been pushing out great lines like a Pez dispenser. You’ll read some of these below, along with extracts from a bunch of awesome vintage interviews. So here they are: 12 batshit brilliant things that have come out of Moby’s mouth. We know what you’re thinking: tell us about the batshit brilliant things that have gone into Moby’s mouth. Another blog for another day, my friends.

Moby recently joked that he’d relapsed from veganism: “I went out and bought $300-worth of cocaine and a case of vodka and a big bag of McDonald’s and put it all into a blender.” – The Guardian, 2018

“In 2003, 2004, I toured constantly, I produced songs for other people, I had publicists in every country, went to every award show, tried dating public figures… In the end, the more I saw myself as a professional musician, the more unhappy I was and the more disgusted I was with myself.” – the-talks.com, 2016

“I think 500 years from now, people are going to wonder what was going on now. They’ll see this race of people that smoked cigarettes and drove cars and fought wars and persecuted people for their beliefs and sexual orientation, and none of it accomplished anything. They knew it was wrong. As cruelly nihilistic as it might sound, I think this is the darkest period of human history, right now… Everything is absolutely 100 percent wrong, and how do we change it is the question.” – Rolling Stone

Moby also reckons he invented the iPhone. He claims that, many years ago, he told Apple hotshot Jimmy Dickson that the company needed its own MP3 player. MP3. “A year or two later ,” he said, “they brought me to a hotel room at the Crosby in New York, handed me the first iPod and said: ‘Steve wanted you to have this.’ I said: ‘You do know at some point this is going to have a camera and a phone attached to it?’ And they laughed at me and said that could never happen.” – The Guardian, 2018

“I don’t see the point in making music to present myself as something other than I am. I don’t want to be cool.” –the-talks.com, 2016

“I definitely lost the plot for a while.” – the-talks.com, 2016

“I’m glad that I went through a period of shallowness and narcissism and entitlement and alcoholism and drug addiction… I’m glad I went through it because now I simply know what didn’t work.” – the-talks.com, 2016

‘Play’ made Moby’s career – but he doesn’t even like it! “I’ve… put out records in the past that I thought were mediocre at best, and they ended up being very successful… Such as ‘Play’,” he said. “I thought it was too eclectic. It was recorded in a bedroom with really mediocre equipment. The fact that it became as successful as it did is still baffling. Listening to it now, I realise I don’t really like the first half of the album, and I only like the second half, which is the weird, experimental, dissonant part I don’t think anyone’s actually listened to.”

“After ‘Play’ came out, I started drinking a lot, taking a lot of drugs, dating all the wrong people.” – The Independent, 2009

Moby used to like a drink. He says he’d find himself “at 8am, with strangers in my house, bags of drugs, I’d had about 15 drinks, having sex with a complete stranger. Which is great, but that was my best attempt to drink in moderation.” – The Guardian, 2016

“There was a sevensome… or an eightsome.” – The Guardian, 2016

“One of the only major goals I have for my life is to just start walking, To not have anything and just start walking and see what happens: where I end up, who I have to stay with, where I can get food, who I talk to, whatever.” – Rolling Stone, 1994