6 Commercial Jingles Recorded By Famous Artists

Some of the world’s biggest bands have been tempted by the bright lights (and big wallets) of the advertising world. Here are five jingles starring famous bands and singers.

1. The Rolling Stones – Rice Krispies

“Wake up in the morning there’s a snap around the place/ Wake up in the morning there’s a crackle in your face,” the band recorded ‘Snap, Crackle, Beat!’ with an ad team in 1964. The track’s accompanied by a TV commercial parodying ’60s game show ‘Jukebox’. It’s possibly the most rock’n’roll cereal ad of all time.


2. Justin Timberlake – McDonalds

Remember a time before JT’s “I’m Lovin’ It ba-da-bap-ba-baa”? No? Neither do we. The artist released the fast food chain’s jingle in 2003, extending it into a sultry single. Before Justin came along, Maccies catchphrases included ‘Every time a good time’ and ‘Did somebody say McDonald’s?’.

3. Mary J. Blige – Pepsi

The soulful R&B soundtrack to this 1999 Pepsi ad was recorded by Mary J. Blige. “Joy of flavour/ Joy of fun/ Joy of bubbles on your tongue/ Joy of cola in your life” she sings in tribute to the fizzy brown stuff. MJB also appears in the commercial, handing out Pepsi to thirsty road-trippers.


4. Foster The People – Muscle Milk

Mark Foster was a professional jingle writer before Foster The People hit the big time. He wrote ads for Cadillac, Bing and California Tourism, but this promo for Muscle Milk protein shakes is worth noting. The ‘comedy’ ad called ‘Spring Break It Down’ stars a group of Jersey Shore-style characters showing off their muscles: “My arms are ri-di-culous/My legs are ri-di-culous”. It’s kinda funny…

5. Jack White – Coca Cola

And finally, Jack White wrote and performed the soundtrack to this retro-inspired 2006 Coca Cola ad called ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’. Although his track doesn’t feature a product mention, the sickly sweet tune embodies Coke’s ‘giving’ vibe. “Love is as good as it gets/ And you’ll get more if you give it,” sings Jack. Vom.