A Flight Of The Conchords Movie? Yes Please!

EDIT: Since we published this, HBO have told us that there are “no plans” for a Flight Of The Conchords movie

OK, so we don’t have all that much to go on.

The notion that spoof folk duo Flight Of The Conchords are plotting a film version of the cult TV/radio series is based on just two sentences uttered by Bret McKenzie during a promo interview for The Muppets. That earthshaking quote in full:

“We’re gonna try and do a movie. We just need a story.”

That really doesn’t tell us much. Is it confirmed? Has a deal been signed? When might it come out?

Sadly, we’ve tried to get clarification and drawn a big fat blank. We’ve called up FOTC’s PR, record label. We’ve tried BBC Four, HBO. No-one can tell us anything, which suggests that this project is not exactly carved in solid rock.

But should it happen? Damn right it should, for the simple reason that Flight Of The Conchords is unfinished business. Fans crave satisfaction. Some comedy series, like The Office, end on a high. …Conchords wasn’t like that.

Whereas the first series was inventive and bursting with charm, the second was disappointing. The production values may have been higher but – ‘Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor’ aside – the songs were weak, the plotlines laboured, and the less said about that lame finale the better. Shepherds? Really?

Sure, by that point FOTC had become a phenomenon that transcended the TV show. They toured arenas around the world (though annoyingly they played only a handful of UK dates), building a huge following in America especially.

But the show itself was clearly a struggle to write, especially once Iain Morris and Damon Beesley (of Inbetweeners fame) departed the project after the first series.

In December 2009, McKenzie and co-star Jemaine Clement announced that there would be no third series. To reference series one, episode two, they gave up the dream. It was an underwhelming end for an act who’d been performing together since 1998.

So the whole thing ended in an unsatisfactory fashion. A film would be a chance to make amends, engineer a new (non-sheep-related) destiny for the lovable duo, and most importantly, write some new songs of the calibre of ‘Ladies Of The World’ and ‘Inner City Pressure’.

In fact, the example of The Inbetweeners is instructive. The startling success of that movie spin-off proves that cult comedy TV shows can make serious money at the box office. Though a Flight Of The Conchords movie would potentially do even better, since it would have international appeal beyond the UK.

So come on, Bret and Jemaine. Get the band back together. It’s business time.