‘We’re The Aliens’ – Why ‘Mass Effect’ Fans Are Freaking Out About The New Andromeda Trailer

By the time Mass Effect: Andromeda is released, it will have been almost five years since Bioware’s original Mass Effect trilogy ended. Since March 2012, fans have received pretty scant information about a followup to the alien-packed sci-fi saga – and yesterday (November 7) they were expecting to learn a lot more from a new trailer.

That’s because November 7 has become ‘N7 Day’ for fans – it’s a reference to the N7 military level of Mass Effect’s original protagonist Shepard – and there’s always some kind of Mass Effect day-marking gift for fans from Bioware on the day. Until now we haven’t learnt much about gameplay, setting, story or anything much at all, really – so, while fans were excited to see the trailer, they were also a bit disappointed that it didn’t tell them much they didn’t already know. In the action-packed clip, which you can see below, you’ll hear dialogue about a 600-year space odyssey, a ‘Pathfinder’ and a ‘gravity well’, and you see a couple of new alien enemies:

It’s a tantalising one – especially the line ‘We’re the aliens’ – but fans are still hungry for more:

Some are also worried that the thoughtful, expansive tone of the galaxy-wide games is being ‘dumbed down’ in favour of a more explosive, Michael Bay vibe. Still, resourceful fans have already checked out Mass Effect’s website, where there’s another new trailer hidden as a ‘briefing’ for the Andromeda Initiative. In it you’ll learn that, around the time of Mass Effect 2, a huge ship of humans are embarking on a 600-year trip to the Andromeda Galaxy from the Milky Way, in order to find a new home-planet in the new galaxy – you’ll play the new ‘Pathfinder’ on this mission after some kind of disaster befalls the crew. This setting mainly means Bioware get to leave the widely-criticised ending of Mass Effect 3 behind and start fresh – and it already looks pretty great:

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