Are Klaxons About To Pull Off An Epic Comeback?

When London’s Klaxons first emerged in a burst of neon in 2006, they felt more exciting than almost anything else happening at the time. Nu rave might be seen as a bit of joke now but, then, bouncing around in the brightest day-glo clothing you could find to samples of sirens and Jamie Reynolds yelping about Atlantis felt more vital and exhilarating than the usual humdrum experience of watching meat and potatoes indie bands. So much so, they won the heart of a panel of serious music critics and even bagged the Mercury Prize.

Banging on about ayahuasca (a mix of plant infusions said to provoke divine revelations) and spiritualism around the release of their polarizing second album (nor the meme-friendly cover featuring Jamie’s cat in an astronaut suit) ‘Surfing The Void’ in 2010 might not have helped Klaxons be taken seriously but to think they are a band that should be viewed with any sense of solemnity in the first place is to miss the point. Klaxons have always been about the pursuit of escapism, other worlds and other mindsets – whether that be getting out of your box on MDMA, waving glowsticks around to rave revivalism or opening your mind to higher, unseen beings.

‘There Is No Other Time’ continues that outlook with a nod back to the band’s early days. Produced by electro duo Gorgon City, the first track from their as-yet-untitled third album feels like a return to the overwhelming sense of excitement that first surrounded them then. “There is no other time, no other place, no other day” goes the chorus, an ode to living in the moment, big beats womping beneath and house piano stabs slinking between. This is Klaxons back on form in a big, big way and hints that the album, due for release in late spring and featuring production from Erol Alkan, James Ford, James Murphy and The Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowland, could be as vibrant and fun as their debut. We’ll soon find out.