These Are The Best Subreddits For Discovering New Music

Despite being known as the birthplace of wild conspiracy theories for everything from Game of Thrones and Serial, it turns out Reddit has pretty great music taste too. Nearly every genre of music from Vapor Wave to Gypsy Jazz has spawned its own dedicated community. But the sheer volume of subreddits (individual message boards) can mean it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Here we’ve scoured Reddit for the finest music-related subreddits that will help you discover music both old and new.

If You Like Blank
A simple but well-run board that matches users tastes with other bands of a similar ilk. Take the below thread as an example: a user says they like ‘Jack White, The early Black Keys and Led Zeppelin’, so asks ‘What else would I like? [WEWIL]’. Suggestions come aplenty from fellow users including Gary Clark Jr. and Band of Skulls for the user to go and discover. A cool, peer-led community that helps you discover existing acts catered to your existing taste.

[IIL] Blues rock acts like Jack White, The early Black Keys, and Led Zeppelin [WEWIL] from ifyoulikeblank


Subscribe to this subreddit for a one-stop shop of all things indie. Get news on the biggest bands in the genre to the emerging artists bursting onto the scene. It’s quite US-centric, but the Listening Parties, AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) with talented musicians and constant stream of new music make it one of the most reputable on the site.

[FRESH VIDEO] MUNA – Loudspeaker from indieheads

Your ultimate music destination. There’s the occasional discussion thread or AMA – but the main win is the ace flow of YouTube and Soundcloud links to a variety of music every day. With over 10 million users there really is music from completely opposite genres, so if you take the time every day to listen to the top five posts – you’re going to be consuming a whole bunch of different music.

Listen To This
If you’re after something a bit more refined, then r/ListenToThis is perfect. It does exactly the same as r/Music – provides a deluge of new music – but with less mainstream artists. At the top you can even pick your favourite genre so you can search exactly for the music you want to listen to.

Chet Porter — Aluko River [Future Bass/Folk] (2015) from listentothis


If you’re hosting a party and need some decent music to stick on, but can’t be faffed with making a playlist, then r/Mixes is for you. Find lots of great mixes from established and new artists as well as some custom made by Redditors. The handy genre tags will help too, so you can quickly scan for genres ranging from Nu-Disco through to big EDM bangers from DJs like Diplo.

Check out my new future house mix including some of my favorite artists including: tchami, wuki, habstrakt, ghastly, snails, herobust, drezo, malaa, joyride, jauz, eptic, shiba san, moski, slander, and nghtmre! from mixes

The best board for hip-hop fans to be subscribed to on Reddit. There’s plenty of new music posted on a regular schedule, but it’s when you delve deep into the comments you find the real gems.

[FRESH] Anderson .Paak – Bubblin’ (Unreleased) – Live from hiphopheads

Radio Reddit
Yup, Reddit even has its own radio station. Run purely by users, only music uploaded by registered accounts can make it onto the playlist, but it can be listened to by anyone. There are several ‘stations’ (Rock, Indie, Hip-Hop and more) which all get updated daily.


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