Brett Anderson, ‘Brittle Heart’ – Video Exclusive

After delighting festival crowds all summer with a nostalgic Suede greatest hits show, Brett Anderson is back with a new solo track, ‘Brittle Heart’, taken from his forthcoming third solo album, ‘Black Rainbows’.

“We recorded the basic backing tracks for the whole album, including ‘Brittle Heart’, in an intense three day session last January,” Brett tells us.

“Me and the band just sat and improvised for hours until we’d hit on something we liked which we’d pursue and develop. Later , we edited the jams and I’d write lyrics and melodies over the music. It’s a scary way to work, there’s no safety net, but the results are dynamic and exciting and I’m glad to have tried something this challenging.

“With each song we’d have a kind of reference point to listen to which would give us a vague direction. You can hear a bit of Faust and a bit of P.I.L in the music of ‘Brittle Heart’ I think, but it was never anyone’s intention for the song to be a homage, just for the spirit to have that provenance.

“The video is a straight performance thing. I kind of hate most narrative videos to be honest, including my own, and just wanted to capture the energy of the band playing and enjoying the song. The visual tone was inspired by the chiaroscuro technique used by painters like Caravaggio. If it’s about anythingIi suppose it’s a song about the beauty of weakness.”