Bruno Mars’ ’24k Magic’ Video Is A Treasure Trove Of Overused Music Video Tropes

All hail Bruno Mars, whose insanely unoriginal video for ’24k Magic’ is a veritable treasure trove of the most overused music video tropes.

It is, as with all these things, one big exercise in reminding us all how unfathomably rich Mars is (he’s worth a staggering $90 million), and how unfailingly attractive he is to the opposite sex.

The very first shot is of the singer’s private jet lowering its steps while surrounded by fancy cars, obvs cos he’s loaded.


Then we see Mars he’s putting on all his bling – rings, necklaces, gold shades – presumably because seeing him without all his finery on is akin to seeing him naked and reserved only for the special people in his life.

Of course, there are plenty of women in bikinis in the video. Mars’ gang get to keep all their clothes on, even by the pool, because what are women’s bodies for if not being objectified in music videos?

Shout out this particularly creepy/gross bit:


How many videos have you seen with a big squad marauding through a hotel corridor? Here’s another!

You can’t tell from this GIF – or maybe you can from that cocky little collar flick – but this is the moment when Mars calls himself a pimp. Sure.

Just in case all of that subtlety and vagueness had passed you by, here’s the obligatory throwing-money-in-the-air shot to remind you the people in this video are fucking rich. Not sure why they’re on mobility scooters – maybe the weight of all that bling is bad for your back – but don’t let distract you from all those mountains of moolah flying through the sky.