Placebo’s 20th Anniversary World Tour – The Dream Setlist, As Voted By You

The news today that Placebo are setting out on a world tour later this year to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their self-titled debut album has sent their fanbase into raptures, with some even shedding (emoji-based) tears:

Kicking off in Denmark on 13th October, the Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal-fronted band will hit the UK in December, beginning at the SEE Hydro Arena in Glasgow and concluding at the SSE Wembley Arena on 15th December. What a pre-Christmas treat!


These shows will differ from the norm, as Molko has promised that the band will play a good chunk of songs from their back catalogue that don’t normally squeeze onto their setlists. The 43-year-old said earlier that:

Let’s just say there will be songs in the set that I’ve sworn never to play again. I think it’s time that we purposefully acknowledged what a lot of Placebo fans really want to hear. They’ve been very patient with us since we rarely play our most commercially successful material. A 20-year anniversary tour seems like the right time to do so. That’s our intention. This tour is very much for the fans and a chance for us to revisit a lot of our early material. So, if you want to see us play songs like ‘Pure Morning’ and ‘Nancy Boy’ which we haven’t played in almost ten years and may not play again, then you’d better come along to these shows! We’ll have some surprises in there too.

And so, with seven studio albums’ worth of material to choose from, Placebo fans have been fervently debating online which little-heard songs should make the cut. Naturally, we here at NME wanted to gauge fan reaction, and so we sounded the conch shell on our Facebook page calling for suggestions for your dream Placebo setlist.

The results proved that this style of live show has already gone down well with their fans, as many have nominated album tracks and forgotten classics as their songs of choice. Here’s a selection of those songs, along with some information on when Placebo last played them.

‘Days Before You Came’


From ‘Black Market Music’ (2000), last played March 2003 in Paris

‘Bulletproof Cupid’

From ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’ (2003), last played March 2004 in London

‘Special K’

From ‘Black Market Music’, last played on their 2015 tour

‘Nancy Boy’

From ‘Placebo’ (1996), last played June 2012 in Paris

‘You Don’t Care About Us’

From ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ (1998), last played March 2001 in Lisbon

‘Passive Aggressive’

From ‘Black Market Music’, last played November 2009 in Riga

‘Where Is My Mind?’ (Pixies Cover)

From ‘Covers’ (2003), last played in July 2015 in London

‘Commercial for Levi’

From ‘Black Market Music’, last played December 2003 in Anaheim, CA

‘Bruise Pristine’

From ‘Placebo’, last played October 2001 in London

‘For What It’s Worth’

From ‘Battle For The Sun’ (2009), last played on their 2015 tour


From ‘Black Market Music’, last played on their 2015 tour

‘This Picture’

From ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’, last played in February 2006 in Bangkok


From ‘Black Market Music’, last played in April 2002 in London

‘Special Needs’

From ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’, last played on their 2015 tour

‘Every You Every Me’

From ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, last played on their 2015 tour

’36 Degrees’

From ‘Placebo’, last played in July 2015 in London

Agree? Disagree? What have we missed? Head on over to the debate on our Facebook page and have your say.