The five must-see things at BTS’ House Of BTS pop-up

The interactive space will be open in Seoul until January 2020

BTS world never seems to stop spinning, constantly creating more new music, content, and experiences for the band’s dedicated fans. The latest comes in the form of House Of BTS, a pop-up shop with a whole catalogue of merch to bankrupt yourself on and some Instagram-worthy experiential sets to put yourself into. The pop-up is currently open in Seoul until January 5, 2020, but here’s hoping Big Hit follow the precedent set with previous pop-ups and exhibitions and take it around the world next time BTS hit the road. In the meantime, here are the five best bits about the temporary home for ARMYs and the group.

Suga’s ‘Boy With Luv’ piano

In the vibrant marvel that is the ‘Boy With Luv’ video, Suga spends his verse hopping about on a laid-out piano keyboard, like he’s in the K-pop version of Big. That very same keyboard is in House Of BTS, underneath the glowing signs reflecting each of the band’s albums so far, letting you do your very best Yoongi impression as the video plays on an ultra-HD TV behind you.

The interactive ‘DNA’ room


Step behind a shimmering metallic curtain and enter the ‘DNA’ room, where you can control the galactic projections around you by placing your palm on a control panel in the middle of the room. It’s aesthetically stunning and great for getting that pic for the ‘gram.

The ‘You Never Walk Alone’ bus stop

If you can’t make it to the Jumunjin bus stop that appears in the artwork for ‘You Never Walk Alone’, don’t worry. A replica lives in House Of BTS, where you and your friends can recreate the album sleeve and leave messages to the band on the perspex shelter.

The attic dubbed ‘Mi Casa’

One of the press shots for ‘Map Of The Soul: Persona’ saw the band sat neatly in a row in an attic. That photo is, apparently, one of the fans’ favourites of the group and so it’s been recreated in House Of BTS’ own attic, complete with a life-size cardboard cut out of the members. The door to the room reveals it’s called ‘Mi Casa’, just like the line in the ARMY-dedicated song ‘Home’. 


The roof of giant ARMY bombs

Whether or not you’ve succumbed to the lure of buying your own ARMY bomb – the lightsticks that make BTS concerts an even more beautiful thing to watch – you can appreciate this garden of overgrown ones. It’s like being submerged in a crowd at the show and looks even prettier when they’re all lit up when the sun sets.

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