There’s Loads Of ‘Ghostbusters’ Stuff In A London Train Station And Your Instagram Feed Is Full Of it

Take that, haters. Despite a troll-led campaign to make it the most disliked film trailer on YouTube, it turns out most people are pretty damn excited about the Ghostbusters reboot.

Following in the slimy footsteps of the ’80s original, it sees an all-female team of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones take on the roles as scientists-turned-ghoul exterminators – and responses from critics and fans have so far being overwhelmingly positive.

To celebrate the film’s release in the UK yesterday (July 11), London’s Waterloo rail station got the Ghostbusters makeover with massive banners, fancy-dressed fans – and a gigantic model of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man breaking through the ground. The delicious but deadly monster features in the new film, and the installation has seen fans flock to the station to take selfies and pick up souvenirs. It’s still there today, so head on down to catch a glimpse before it disappears – just watch out for the slime.

Luckily some were on hand to quell the danger.

There was time for some souvenir shopping though.

And it also threw up this potential Ghostbusters x Dr Who collaboration. The Doctor fighting slime with a sonic screwdriver? Count us in.