The New ‘Gremlins’ Vinyl Does Something Amazing When You Break All The Rules

Looking after a Mogwai is very much like caring for a record. Firstly, exposing it to extremely bright light is a big no – unless it’s David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar‘, of course. Getting it wet is also deal breaker when looking after your wax. However, the new reissue of the Gremlins soundtrack on vinyl might be the exception to the rule.

Record distributors Mondo have reissued the 1984 film’s soundtrack as a double LP with some nerdy easter eggs for fans of the little monsters. If you expose the front cover to extensive UV light, a few hidden messages and grizzly drawings expose themselves. Take a look at those below:

2016_gremlinsvinyl5_phantomcitycreative_171116Phantom City Creative/Mondo
Phantom City Creative/Mondo


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That’s not all, you can get a similar effect on the record inner sleeves when you douse with just a tiny bit of water – the innocent looking Mogwai is then surrounded by its evolved state, as the little cretins show themselves.

2016_gremlinsvinyl3_phantomcitycreative_171116Phantom City Creative/Mondo


2016_gremlinsvinyl2_phantomcitycreative_171116Phantom City Creative/Mondo
Phantom City Creative/Mondo


2016_gremlinsvinyl_phantomcitycreative_171116Phantom City Creative/Mondo

The double LP will be available from Mondo Records on November 30 and will no doubt make an excellent gift for ’80s kids everywhere. Don’t try feeding it after midnight though – that’ll make a right mess.