Glastonbury tickets 2017: How to get them in the resale

Whether you had a right old filthy frolic down at Glastonbury last summer or watched it through envious eyes from the comfort of your own home, there’s probably a good chance you’re planning on heading down to Worthy Farm for this year’s edition, right?

Of course! Why wouldn’t you. With no festival scheduled to take place at Worthy Farm in 2018 (to allow the farm to recover from years of welly-trampling), 2017’s festival will be the last edition held at the current location until 2019.

We’ve got the first chunk of the line up, which includes Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Lorde, The xx and more, so it looks like Glastonbury 2017 will be a corker. But how do you bag yourself a golden ticket? Here are all the essential details needed to ensure that you will be in attendance at Glastonbury 2017.


When is the festival?

Mark it in the diary: this year’s festival will take place from 21st – 25th June 2017.

Do you have to be registered to be able to get tickets in the resale?

Not yet registered for Glastonbury 2017 tickets? Then I’m afraid this is the end of the road for you as you won’t be eligible to take part in this year’s resale. You must have registered by October 2016.u

How do I get Glastonbury 2017 tickets?

Tickets for Glastonbury 2017 are now sold out. Your individual ticket will include your name, picture and address, meaning that they are unable to be exchanged.

If you put a deposit down on your ticket in October, the balance on the rest of your ticket must have been paid by 23: 59 on April 7. If you failed to pay the full amount for your ticket by then, it will have be cancelled.

There will be a general resale for returned tickets in the coming weeks.


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When do Glastonbury tickets go on resale?

A batch of resale tickets will be made available in the spring, at a date to be confirmed. Keep checking this page for further updates.

There will be two resales for returned tickets. On April 20, ticket and coach packages will go on sale at 6pm.

On April 23 at 9am, the remaining returned tickets will go on sale.

How much are tickets?

Tickets have gone up by £10 this year: it’s now £238 + £5 in booking fees.

How to get tickets in the resale

1) Try to get as many people involved as you can
It’s not hard – but obviously the more people you have trying to get tickets for your group, the higher chance of success you’re likely to have. If you and your mates all give it a go, and you organise yourself – the chance of bagging some tickets is far higher.

2) Get organised
Your tickets for the festival are not guaranteed until payment is completed and you’ve received a confirmation email, so speed is obviously important. If you have all the the registration numbers and postcodes for yourself and the other people you wish to buy for, organised in a separate word document – then all it’ll take is a quick copy and paste, as opposed to scrambling around for details.

This principle obviously applies for payment, too. Ensure that your payment details are all laid out and ready to go. Repeated mistakes at the purchasing stage is obviously going to massively hurt your chances. At over £230 a ticket, remember to check that your bank account has the right amount of money for the people you are buying for. If you don’t, and your payment fails, your tickets are gone and you’ll have to rejoin the queue – by then, it’ll be too late…

3) Don’t just try on WiFi
Your strongest bet may be WiFi, but trying to access the site by 3G and 4G may prove fruitful too – as potential buyers have reported that their purchase came by mobile data as opposed to WiFi.

4) Keep trying
As seen in October’s rapid sell-out, they go mighty quick. The festival will announce on social media when tickets have sold out. But it is worth to keep trying even after the announcement is made, as failed purchases for other people will mean tickets go back on sale very briefly.

5) Be prepared
Getting the device you want to buy tickets ready way in advance is recommended. Limited tickets have been known to go on sale a couple of minutes before 9am, so make sure you’re ready in advance and try and get in the queue system as early as you can.

6) Pay attention to your tabs
Keep an eye on your browser tabs to make sure you don’t miss your window. The festival reckon you should only have one page, and that you should let it refresh automatically (it’ll do it every 30 seconds). However it has been known to work better if you refresh the holding page manually. Who knows which one actually works… so try both and see what happens.

Who is playing Glastonbury 2017?

So far, Radiohead and Foo Fighters have been announced as headliners for this year’s festival. Ed Sheeran is strongly rumoured to be the third and final headliner, but no news on him just yet.

I have tickets but can no longer go – what do I do now?

The cut off for ticket returns has been revealed as May 5.