iPhone 8 and X: Twitter’s best memes and jokes

Apple’s latest launch has resulted in a wave of Twitter lols

Last night, Apple once again launched their latest line of products while the public gasped at the features and price-tags. The top of the range was the $1000 iPhone X, which has an all-screen display, unlocks using facial recognition software, and can be charged wirelessly, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus served as an upgrade for their current products.  Also introduced at the launch was the Apple Watch 3, the first of its kind to work independently from the iPhone.

Twitter came alive with reactions to the new stuff – here are the best responses so far:

Arya Stark could definitely fool the new iPhone:



Jennifer Lawrence also has tricks up her sleeve:

And Beyoncé would give her iPhone X a heart attack:


Twitter seems confused at why there is no iPhone 9:

Even this dad joke resurfaced:

The new phones’ glass back has doubled the likelihood of smashing it:

And there’s the classic envy of the newest product:

The price didn’t go down well with some users:

While facial recognition had some people worried:

Actually – is it really facial recognition?

But most importantly … what will all the suspicious partners do now?

Words: Yasmin Duggal