Jack Black Appeared On This Korean TV Show And It Was Amazing

Jack Black: a talented man. A funny man, a comic actor of high repute, a successful musician in his own right. Also: a man who can blow candles out through a stocking and shove a genuinely mind-boggling amount of marshmallows into his mouth. Yes, these are the talents he displayed on Korean television show Infinite Challenge at the weekend.

The show leads famous types – such as Usain Bolt and Ryan Seacrest – through a series of ludicrous and pointless tasks, though few have proved as adept as Black. One round required him to stick on a pair of headphones, listen to a song and sing along so that other contestants could guess what it was. Despite not singing in Korean, Black was quite amazingly successful at approximating the sound of K-Pop tune he was played – so much so that his fellow contestants were able to guess correctly. Well, it’s no Tenacious D, but still pretty impressive, no?

Next up, he was required to blow out that candle with a stocking over his head (who the hell thought up this round?). Weird how much Jack Black with a stocking over his head looks like David Guest without a stocking over his head. Anyway, he wasn’t too bad at this one, either.

Finally, Black took on the task of cramming as many marshmallows as his mouth as possible, which made him look sort of like a toothy Dave Grohl. Needless to say, the comedian absolutely smashed it, going back for more even after he was victorious.

All in all, then, a successful day for Jack Black, and a successful day for mankind. The actor has been receiving kind notices for his role in the kids’ comedy horror Goosebumps – adapted from the ’90s books by R.L. Stine, so it seems life is pretty sweet for the man who, in the clip above, describes himself as a “human marshmallow”.