James Corden’s Best Carpool Karaoke Guests So Far

James Corden blasted onto America’s The Late ​Late ​Show back in March 2015, and has since made singing in a car a chart-beating prospect. For the uninitiated, Carpool Karaoke is actually very simple: each week Corden invites a different A-lister to ride shot-gun in his white Jeep as they cruise around Hollywood, chatting and belting out tunes. It’s perfect viral marketing fodder – Corden’s video with Stevie Wonder recently sent the latter’s ‘Definitive Collection’ rocketing to the top of the UK iTunes chart – but that’s because it’s a lot of fun. These clips, our pick of the best ​Carpool Karaoke​ guests to date, should show you why…

Stevie Wonder
Want to hear Stevie Wonder do a mockney accent​? Tune in​. In​ this video, we’re ​treated to Stevie’s dulcet tones, tickled by the suggestion of a supergroup called the Wondercats, and see the star FaceTime Corden’s wife to “say he loves her”.


Jennifer Hudson​
Ever wondered what would happen if, instead of shouting out your McDonalds Drive-Thru ​order, you sung it to the cashier, opera-style? Well that’s precisely what Corden and ​this week’s karaoke shot-gun celeb, ​Jennifer Hudson​, felt ​​compelled to do​.

Mariah Carey​
“I’m not singing today, I was up all night,”​ jokes​ the diva incarnate ​coquettishly, before launching into an a cappella voice so powerful it’s a wonder she doesn’t stop traffic​. The pair trade ​songs, accents and engage in a little light flirting. Oh, and Mariah keeps her shades on throughout.

Rod Stewart and A$AP Rocky
Rod Stewart, A$AP ​Rocky and James Corden are probably the last three people you’d expect to see sharing a car and that’s why this video is so great. There’s some chat about shagging and drinking before a grinning A$AP pops up from behind the backseat to join the pair for ‘Everyday’.


Iggy Azalea​
Whatever your ​take o​n Iggy Azalea, you can’t deny that she has entertainment value. ​Here the pair discuss porn star names, Iggy’s impending wedding and you see Corden attempt to rap, as well as don a wedding dress. It’s so bad it’s great.

Justin Bieber
Once maligned, but now undeniably cool, Bieber gives some questionable fashion tips to Corden, as the pair gleefully ride around L.A. There’s old songs, there’s new songs, and a great chance to hear Bieber’s sublime voice in an intimate environment. That’s if you can hear it over Corden’s lively Essex accent.

Gwen Stefani
If you thought an edition of Carpool Karaoke with Gwen Stefani was going to be pretty good – you were mostly right. But you probably didn’t expect George Clooney and Julia Roberts to join the pair in the car to make it amazing, did you? Nope, and for that – this one goes into the Carpool Karaoke Hall Of Fame .

Many jokes were made about Sia and her hair of course with Corden asking if she was offended that people accepted her disguised look; “I’d be distraught if someone said, ‘I tell you how we can make you a star James, [points to his face] cover that up.” Harsh.

Corden came to London for this special edition and it featured the pair driving around the wet streets of London and Adele rapping the whole of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Monster’ verse for proof that that she’s the dream buddy for your next road trip.