Jimmy Carr’s Guide To Comedy On Netflix

Jimmy Carr’s new DVD Funny Business isn’t coming out on DVD at all – it’s going straight to Netflix on March 18. As the first UK comedian to officially jump ship to online streaming, we got the be-suited funny man to recommend his favourite US Netflix comedy specials, before letting him shamelessly plug his own.

Master Of None



Jimmy: “He was in Parks and Recreation and now he’s written/directed/produced his own comedy show. It’s a bit like Louis CK’s show Louie, in that it’s about him, it’s about Aziz’s life. It’s really charming. It’s a really easy watch, half an hour just floats by. I’ve never only just watched one episode. That’s the thing about Netflix. It’s like TV crack cocaine where you watch one and then go, ‘Yeah. I might as well watch eight hours of this.’”

One Of The Greats

“She’s in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Everyone’s good in that show. She’s wonderful in it, but she’s also a brilliant stand-up, which people might not know. She’s got this special which is really funny comedy show and then there’s just weird cutaways to stuff going on in the crowd which is just freaky.”

Thoughts And Prayers


“If you like my stuff, you’ll probably quite like Anthony’s. He’s quite offensive. And that’s me saying that. He’s quite out there. His policy is, ‘it’s never too soon’. He’ll tweet a joke about a disaster on the day of the disaster. He does one-liners that some people laugh at and other people go, ‘whoooh’. So pretty much like me.”

Live (At The Time)

“I sort of started out with Demetri. One of my first Edinburgh Festivals and one of the first times I did the Aspen Comedy Festival, it was me, Demetri, and Flight Of The Concords who started around the same time. He’s almost half comedian, half philosopher. It’s very thoughtful stuff and it’s kind of brilliant.”

Chelsea Does…

“I know Chelsea best as a stand-up from years ago. Then she went on to have this incredible success on the E! channel and then by all accounts, they were dicks, so she said, ‘I’m off to Netflix to do my own thing.’ She’s made these Louis Theroux-style documentaries called Chelsea Does Drugs and Chelsea Does Sex. She’s brilliant writer. Her first book Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea is also brilliant.”

Thinky Pain

“Mark was the original grumpy old man of comedy. He did a podcast called What The Fuck which was just him venting in his garage about not being successful. Then him venting about not being successful made him really successful. If you stick around long enough in showbusiness, everything comes true.”

Funny Business

“We filmed it in London with an eye that all the jokes would work all around the world. There’s nothing too baffling in terms of cultural references. It’s typical me. There’s maybe 150 one-liners in a row but there’s also lots of audience stuff, a section where the audience heckle me which is what I’m kind of known for now. It was a really good night. It was good working with Netflix. Most people are there, with notes, saying, ‘You can’t say that.’ Netflix were more like, ‘Say what you want’. So it’s pretty risqué.”

Jimmy Carr: Funny Business streams exclusively on Netflix from March 18