Kasabian – What’s Their Best Song?

To celebrate the most successful use of an exclamation mark in indie rock this year (sorry Elbow) with ‘Velociraptor!’ – which hit Number One – we’ve done a Top 10 countdown of the best Kasabian tracks.

But do you agree?


We’ve included tracks from every part of their career; including ‘Cutt Off’, ‘Processed Beats’ and ‘Shoot The Runner’, but like a ‘best facial hair in rock’-themed stack of playing cards, where will they fall?

Well, our Top 10 rolls like this:

10. ‘Cutt Off’
9. ‘Where Did All The Love Go?’
8. ‘Underdog’
7. ‘Vlad The Impaler’
6. ‘Processed Beats’


5. ‘Empire’
4. ‘Shoot The Runner’
3. ‘Switchblade Smiles’
2. ‘LSE’
1. ‘Fire’

Have a gander at our list and tell us what you think we’ve left out. Personally, I’d have included ‘Club Foot’- that anthemic, post-Primal Scream air puncher – or ‘British Legion’, a Stones-ish number which saw the band revealing a more vulnerable side to themselves.

Kasabian – their career in photos

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