Meet Hot Dub Time Machine: the man behind your new favourite night out

From the '50s to now, in a night

Launched in 2011, Hot Dub Time Machine is a one-man party machine. Selling hundreds of thousands of tickets worldwide, he’s appeared at Coachella, the Fringe and now he’s about to play the Brixton Academy in London.

And the always humble Tom Loud, the man behind the phenomenon, can’t believe his luck. “Making a living from doing this is THE. BEST!” he told us. “I don’t take it for granted, I was pretty deep into my 30s before DJing transformed from my hobby into a job. It now supports my family and I get to travel the world and meet awesome people. It’s awesome.”

But what is Hot Dub Time Machine? It’s a club night like no other. Starting from the ’50s, Hot Dub plays songs from every decade, in chronological order, and accompanied by archive concert footage and music videos on huge screens.


“I think Hot Dub proves there is no greatest decade of music and great music is always being made, it just depends on how you look at it.” Tom said. “Sometimes I really love hearing the 60’s classics, often it’s the intensity of 90’s grunge and rave, but I also really enjoying wrapping it all up with the amazing music of the 2010s. There is some great music coming out at the moment.”

We caught up with Tom Loud about the “dance-through-the-decades” events, to find out about the event, and to ask the all important question: is he actually named after that film.

Why did you pick the name Hot Dub Time Machine? Does it have anything to do with the comedy film?

“Of course! I made the show in 2011, needed a name for my new time travelling dance party and one of my friends on Facebook came up with it.”


What song do you always play and it properly gets the crowd going?

“There are some songs that I always play because they are iconic and should be played at every party! ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ by Nirvana are a couple of examples. I try to play the best songs, the funnest songs, the classics songs, and are always trying to find new ways of mixing them together and new ones to really rock the party.”

With so many shows in your schedule, how do you make sure you always have the huge amounts of energy you bring to every show?

“To be honest: caffiene and alcohol! I don’t have any booze or caffeine on the day of a gig until I’m ready to go on stage. But I’ve also been doing it so long and love it so much, that when I step on stage it’s never a struggle. It’s always super fun to stand on a stage play music I love. I find if I put out a super positive vibe, the crowd returns it times 10.”

Musically, if you weren’t doing Hot Dub Time Machine, what would you like to be doing?

“I’d love to be a massive underground techno DJ! But I think I’ve found my niche in Hot Dub.”

You have a great connection with your fans, don’t you?

“Lots of people have met their life partner at Hot Dub, there have been proposals, conceptions, and babies born immediately after Hot Dub shows. I keep saying that Tom is a great name for one of these babies, but I don’t think its happened yet! I answer every Facebook message, tweet or Instagram comment personally. The vast majority of people are really lovely and have really adopted my show. The number one fan is Adam Bennett in Edinburgh who has been 31 times! He’s now a good friend and I love seeing him and his friends down the front.”

What does the future hold for Hot Dub Time Machine?

“More shows, more parties, bigger crowds, better experiences! I will keep doing this until everyone is sick of me. I love playing new places, hopefully in 2018 I can get into Europe. We’ve been looking at some great vineyards in France…”

Hot Dub Time Machine is touring now, playing Brixton Academy on September 9, 2017.