Nardwuar’s interview with Desiigner is a hilarious, 15-minute giggle fit captured on camera

It's glorious

It’s entirely possible that no musician has ever enjoyed an interview as much as Desiigner did being quizzed by the famously zany Canadian interviewer Nardwuar. His latest interview is one for the history books: it’s so full of happiness and energy and laughter and oddness that you may even want to stick it in your bookmarks so you can take a look at it whenever you’re having a bad day.

The interview is punctuated by two key things from Desiigner: a stuttering snicker, and his stock reaction to Nardwuar’s increasingly detailed knowledge. “You’re crazy man!” he says again and again. Over the course of the interview, Nardwuar presents the NYC rapper with a shower of gifts, before inviting up his manager Zana Ray. Nardwuar then presents her with an old Remy Ma LP, over which she completely loses her shit.

If this is your first Nardwuar experience, you should know a few things: he always dresses like a golf pro, he always surprises people with his scarily detailed research, and he always ends his interviews with a catchphrase – ‘Doot doola doot doo’ – which the interviewee has to complete with a final ‘Doot doot’, and after which Nardwuar poses motionless until the interviewee leaves the camera shot. All of these traits have Desiigner on the point of a giggle fit for the whole 15-minute interview, and it’s a total joy: