New Interpol Track, ‘Lights’ – What Do You Think?

Having supplied many a nighthawk soundtrack in their time, it seems appropriate that the message heralding Interpol’s return should drop into our inbox at 1am the other night. With the news of the New Yorkers’ return accompanied by new free track ‘Lights’, being awake in the wee small hours suddenly seems a really good idea.

Sessions for the follow-up to 2007’s ‘Our Love To Admire’ have seen them attempt to recall the dark atmospherics of their debut ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ while melding it with a more orchestral approach inspired by bassist Carlos D’s forays into the world of soundtracks and iPhone ads.

‘Lights’ certainly plugs into the starkness of its namesake, with Daniel Kessler’s stark guitar rattling back and forth before his bandmates join in. However, just as ‘Lights’ is about to climax, it slips away with a dark intensity. And with more tracks promised soon, we’ll be keeping a red eye on our inboxes all night long.

Download Interpol’s ‘Lights’ for free