New Tune ‘Saint Pablo’ Is Proof Kanye West Is Having A Well Busy 2016

It would seem that Kanye West isn’t simply content with tweaking and finessing ‘The Life of Pablo’ every chance he gets. He’s also keen to get totally new tunes into the world, as evidenced by his insistence that another new album ‘Turbo Grafx 16’ will be out this autumn. In the meantime, he’s just dropped the six-minute-long ‘Saint Pablo’, a song that the Kanye faithful have been aware of for a while, but one that’s only just been made properly available. Featuring Sampha’s vocals on the fade-out hook, the tune is now on Apple Music and you can listen to it below. Go on – it’s rather good.

‘Saint Pablo’ is Kanye in classically confident mode, despite the fact he opens up the epic track by admitting that he’s in debt – remember when he said he was $53 million in the red back in February? Well, he soon gets over that, referencing his place at the top of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list: “I know I’m the most influential/That Time cover was just confirmation/This generation’s closest thing to Einstein/So don’t worry about me, because I’m fine.” Bold – but when you hear killer tracks like this, you can’t help but think maybe he has a point.


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